Embrace the Chaos.

or, subtitle:

How I knew with certainty that my children were in cahoots to push me over the edge.

(What you don’t see on the vid is that right before I picked up the camera, Sydney had dumped the dominoes, was tearing up Carson’s Highlights magazine and turning the TV on and off at full blast.)

A typical evening in the Tompkins house!


  1. Maybe Carson could get a job testing pots and pans for Consumer Reports. What was he singing? He’s really getting into it! It still beats whining, doesn’t it???

  2. nice percussion.., i agree with tara. :0)

    sometimes i wonder why i even clean at all. just moments after i’ve spent the whole day tidying the house looks like a tornado blew threw it. why do we do this to ourselves???????

  3. This is love! I’m glad you got it on tape because we all forget days and nights like these.
    But boy, those kids sure look happy and content!

    Okay Jen that will me our M2M motto this year – “Embrace the Chaos” 🙂

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