When I first started blogging, I tried to do a birthday post each year, but last year the day just slipped by. So, today, as I enter my thirty-second year of life, I will take a few moments to ponder this life. Hmmm…
I saw a quote the other day that said “Blessed is the uneventful life.” Some people cringe at this. They detest the thought of being boring. Not me–not anymore. I still crave exciting days and events, still have hopes and dreams to travel the world and increase my education and find some roller coaster that gets my adrenaline rushing; but every night as I lay my head on my pillow, I’m overcome with gratitude that “everything is fine.” Eventful doesn’t necessarily mean thrilling and exquisite. Yes, my days look very similar to one another (especially during summer, when I’m not working at all) but I’ll take some dull days over some of the “eventful” trials I’ve seen around me. Infertility. Bankruptcy. Job loss. Spouse loss. Parent loss. Very ill children. That last one especially brings me to my knees. Can you imagine if you found out your child had a life-threatening illness? If I were going through that, I would absolutely crave this normal, boring life where my healthy children delight me and sometimes drive me crazy. Why should I wait around for something horrible to happen before I relish in my blessings? I’m blessed by a happy, normal, uneventful life. Very blessed indeed. Best birthday gift ever!


  1. A friend once told me….

    …because I knew you, I have been changed for good.

    I love you so much. My life is so much better because you are in it.

    Enjoy this year my beautiful friend.

  2. Great perspective, Jen! Just one note: You may not be employed right now,but you ARE working. Every day! Shaping the lives of two little individuals. I love watching you love your family (through the smiles and frustrations)and I love you!

  3. When my girls were growing up I would often ask them what there favorite things to do were. I would ask often because it would change as they grew up. I learned that there favorite things came from an ordinary day and that it could be done again bacause I asked. One that comes to mind is telling them they could pick a special treat at the grocery store. What a smile and a giggle would come. These days ended up being my favoite memories .Now I get to ask my grandchildren the same question. Great bessings come from one day after another. I feel blessed to have beeen with you on the day this picture was taken!!!Love , Nina

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