Our precious Sydney turns ONE year old today! I can’t imagine our family or my life without her. She is my sweet Bird, my heart. I won’t type too much more sentimental sap, because I’ve shed plenty of joyful tears making this little picture montage for her big day. I know this song may be a little over the top, tear-jerker-wise, but it is true!



  1. Happy Birthday SYDNEY!!!!

    I can not believe it has been a year. Wow!!! I’m really late on coming up to visit, so you will have to have another baby for me to hold! 🙂

    I love love love this video. Curtis made one to this song when Haley was born, so it holds a very special place in my heart.

    Sydney is so precious. And the love that she gets from you guys is so beautiful. Just look at the way Trent’s face is all lit up in these pictures. I love it!!!

    I hope you have a beautiful, fun day with the birdie.

    Love to you all…

  2. LOVED this video…it was beautiful, and yes, a tear jerker! I have never heard that song, but it was perfect. I DO see you in her eyes.
    I am so happy that God gave you such a beautiful healthy baby girl, and that she has brought so much joy into your lives. I feel like I know her already..but can’t wait til I get to meet her face to face someday.
    Happy Birthday, sweet Sydney!!!

  3. Oh Jen, I love your little bird too! The pea in the pod and the one where she is smiling at herself in the mirror… love those. I could have done without the picture of her in the OSU shirt… she might need therapy for that later in life. Hee hee. Seriously, to see and hear how you love her and how she has changed your life forever… it somehow makes me really proud to be your friend. Happy happy birthday to Sydney!!

  4. So sweet, Jen! Sniff! I’ve never seen the second to last pic of you and her…SO CUTE! Happy Birthday to Syd and to YOU, you awesome mama. What a beautiful, sweet girl you have!

  5. Love this video and I also love that picture of you and Syd at the end, precious. I have to say that watching this and hearing the song gave me a little inkling in my heart that maybe “someday” I will want to try for that third… however, a saucy morning with Ike might straighten me out.(: You do have such a precious little gift in that little bird. Love to you all.

  6. Jack LOVED watching this video of his cuz! We’ve already seen it three times. 🙂 We sure love that little girl and are wishing her a very Happy Birthday. Give her a big hug from us and tell her we’ll see her soon.

  7. Dearest Jen, tears are streaming down my face as I watch this video of my daughter’s daughter! We love Syd more than words and can see a little Jennifer in her face, expressions, emerging personality and ability to wrap us around her little finger! Happy birthday, Syd! Love, Mom (JoJo)

  8. OK, I don’t know what made me cry more…your precious video or your mom’s comment. I CANNOT WAIT to have a daughter of my own (in a few short weeks) to experience this kind of love/connection. Thanks for sharing this with us. And Happy Birthday Sydney!

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