Somebody pinch me!

To 99.9% of you, this video will be dull and boring. But to me, it is hope. It is joy. It is potential. It is a dream come true. It is…..MY CHILDREN PLAYING NICELY TOGETHER WITHOUT MY GUIDANCE!


  1. Aw: so much better than tv!

    I so did the same thing last night, only it was Abel talking on the phone to Judah while he’s at my folks. They’re talking! To each other! On the phone! Enter crazypregnantlady happy thoughts.

  2. Ha! Can’t wait ’til that phrase is laced with shock instead of joy as you post, “LOOK WHAT MY KIDS DID TOGETHER WITHOUT MY GUIDANCE!” Not to scare you or anything.:) But seriouly, I can’t wait…;)

  3. This was so cute, I love how Dr. “Car Car” was doing all of his “doctoring” and Sydney was just being a willing receipiant. If that were Isaac, he’d be screaming like he did in fact get the shot!

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