A new kind of embarassment.

Confession time.

The other day the kids and I were walking in a public place and I decided it would be a perfectly acceptable time to, well, I’m just going to say it: to pass a little–a LITTLE–gas. Victimless crime, no?

Enter: LoudMouth ThreeYearOld.


Huge fake smile, grab his arm and walk quickly away from anyone in ear shot.

“Hahaha! Carson, you’re so silly! What are you talking about!??! I don’t smell dirty!!!”

“YEAH YOU DO,” he sticks his nose right in my rear end, for which he happens to be the perfect height.


“Hahaha! No it’s not! You must be smelling Sydney! Maybe she’s poopy. You’re so silly!
Now shut up kid and keep walking.”

Just kidding. Thought it, but didn’t SAY it.

AAAAANNNNDDDD add that moment to the myriad of ways that motherhood has humbled me.


  1. Oh my word, I am so glad you blogged about this because I have had a similar scenario happen to me many times! Although several times there was no gas involved, yet still my children decided to do EXACTLY what Carson did. Totally. Embarrassing. For some reason they’ve decided that I continually, perpetually smell (probably due to the over-reaction they got from me the first time.) It can sure wreak havoc on your self-esteem after awhile when your two year old repeats it OVER and OVER and OVER again in an argumentative tone!:) I mean, seriously, do I have to spend my time defending smells?! My solution? Keep having babies, because now I can blame any mysterious smell on Maisey.:)

  2. This is when you teach your child that everyone’s toots, poots, gas, whatever you call it, stinks. And you take the opportunity to say, “yours is no bed of roses either.”

    I’m queen of flatulence. It only gets worse my friend.

  3. Okay, this happened to me yesterday. I was driving in my van with one of the neighborhood girls (she wanted to accompany me to one of my dogsit jobs) and I passed gas and then all of sudden she says – Oh man, it smells like poop in here!!! And I lauged and said Oh, I must have left one of Chase’s diapers in here!! ha, ha nervous laugh.

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