Dance Party USA

I was organizing all of my little 60-second videos from my digital camera the other night and came across this one. This is a very common scene in our house in the evenings. We have a well-worn dance music playlist on our iTunes, and SURPRISE!–Carson is Pantless Wonder again. Be sure not to miss his memorable appearance in the first 3 seconds, because he never comes back in the frame. Sometimes this father/daughter dance makes Sydney melt into giggles, but this particular time whe was being stoic. It still is pretty cute, no?

This one is an oldie, from when Carson was about 16 months old. If you’ll notice, his dance moves haven’t changed much. My dad is in the background because he was our part-time roommate and landlord at the time. 🙂


  1. Very cute!!! Seriously, love the music jams- we need to do that! Well girl, I’ll be calling you tomorrow, because I think I’m going to make the trek down to say hi, especially since the m2m is so relaxed this wed… can’t wait!

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