A gem.

So, I had every intention to post pictures of our zoo trip today (to supplement Steph’s post), but then this happened tonight, and it is too good to postpone. We like to go back and look at our friends’ & family’s blogs, & Carson especially likes the videos. He stumbled again onto this video of Jack and his first balloon, and fell into giggle fits every time! He must have watched his cuz & that balloon about a dozen times in a row (he especially liked when Jack got really intense, about 00:36, because he kept rewinding that part), and for at least the first 5-6 times, his laughter was completely genuine and totally contagious–as you can tell from the shaky camera.


Actually, this video has a few gems. Not only do you get to see a hysterical Carson in his bedtime pull-up, you get to see my messy house and Carson picking his nose and eating it. (YES, it grosses me out beyond words, but I PICK MY BATTLES, people.)


  1. Oh my goodness! I think I was laughing as hard as Carson! We’ll be watching this with Ethan. Eric thinks it’s funny that we were laughing at someone laughing at someone.

  2. Now if that doesn’t inspire me to post more pics and video on our blog- I don’t know what will. That was hysterical! I was laughing right along with him. Can’t wait to show Jack in the morning what entertainment he brought. Love that Carson, his contagious laugh, and even the nose picking. 🙂

  3. That was so funny Jen! Thanks for sharing… I’ve never seen him laugh that hard! So, did you go to the zoo on Monday? We were totally there yesterday!!! Man, wish I would have known- would have been so fun to say hey! Hope you had fun!

  4. oh gosh…this is michelle, mike’s friend from work…he told me to watch this & this is the best video blog ever!!! his little laugh is so hearty and genuine! this will be especially priceless at his wedding someday…mostly for the booger eating 🙂

  5. Remember our conversation with Carson about “think about something happy” when you are scared at night? Thinking about Jack’s balloon video might help Carson. Just a thought!
    Gma JoJo

  6. there is nothing i love more than the honest sincere laugh of a child & carson was hilarious! 🙂
    and i gotta say i am really starting to believe our sons were somehow cloned from the same dna and snuck in our bellies in our sleep. my beloved son also picks his nose and eats it & makes jesse furious every time. but, you’re right you can’t win them all!!

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