Carson around the house

Here’s some more Carsonisms:

Carson, from down the hall: “Mom! [mumble, mumble, mumble]”
Me: What did you say, buddy?
C: What, mom? [he comes into the kitchen where I am]
Me: What did you say to me?
C: [confused] Huh?
Me: You said something to me when you were in your bedroom and I asked what you said.
C: What did I say?
Me: [amused] I don’t KNOW, honey, that’s why I asked.
C: Tell me what I said!
Me: Babe, I didn’t hear you!
C: Tell me! Tell me what I said! TELL ME!
Me, under my breath: Oh boy.
Carson: Mom, does Mimi live in college or in Wednesday?
Me: Uh…..she lives in Newberg?
C: Oh.
In the car, Sydney squawking away. Radio/CD player broken, so no music playing.
Carson: Mom! It’s too loud. Turn it down.
Me: Turn WHAT down?
Carson: Turn Sydney down!
Here’s some things Mr. Carson has been up to lately. He got a duplo/lego kit for Christmas. He has started requesting to get it out a little bit more. Have I mentioned that I LOVE legos? I think they are a brilliant toy for children. I can’t wait until Carson can play with more. I have memories of studying those lego-building-instructions so carefully, to make my creation just exactly like the one on the picture. This one is pretty basic (the biggest part of the “cave” is one big piece), but we follow the instructions, put it together and then he plays with the little cavemen and the dinosaurs. Yeah!

We got a new carseat for Carson, so Sydney can have his old one, and in a moment of caffeine driven energy, I suggested we make a robot costume out of the box. At first, we tried arms up front, but he didn’t like that.

So we went for arms to the side and wrapped it in brown packing paper. This morning we painted it, so I’ll try to post a picture of that. He is quite amused with himself in this thing, and has the robotic voice down pat.On a lazy Sunday afternoon (Sunday afternoon=laundry) Trent put Sydney in this basket for fun, & Carson crawled in with a book and started reading to her.

That sweet moment was counterbalanced the next day when he put a spongebob bandaid on her cheek. She did not like when I had to take it off.


  1. I LOVE the Carsonisms. He is hilarious!! Keep em’ coming.
    Btw, I can’t wait to meet your sweet girl as well. Any trips to Disneyland planned for the summer??

  2. Love it! Okay, so the photo of the two of them in the basket where Carson is looking at you, Carson looks just like Trent! I know they always looked alike, but that photo really captures it! Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

  3. I love Legos too…, that is until they get lodged into the heels of my foot. 🙂

    I love the robot pictures. Sadia and Simone always seem more interested in playing with the boxes their toys come in, than they are with the toys themselves. We used to joke with family and friends around Christmas and Birthdays. We’d tell them that we weren’t buying our kids gifts, rather we’d get them cardboard boxes.

    Super cute picture of the two of them in the laundry basket!

  4. The basket pictures sure give a hint of the fun Carson and Sydney will have together in the years ahead! And get ready for Syd to be wearing your make-up, applied by big brother!
    Gma JoJo

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