The beginning of the end…

Today Sydney’s nap schedule was a little off from Carson’s, so she woke up way before he did. I really needed to finish working on dinner for this evening, so I set her in the high chair and handed over…her very first graham cracker. Aaah! She loved it, and I loved that it kept her happy. I think every mom of young kiddos can understand the need to throw food at your kid to keep ’em busy so you can get something done. I know we all try not to make it a habit, but if you don’t use this technique occasionally…you should stop reading this blog. I don’t think we can be friends. Graham crackers are my FRIEND!

As you can see, graham crackers are also Sydney’s friend.

And I had to dig out this comparison pic of Carson eating when he was a couple months older than Syd is now. (Sidebar…we registered for our baby gear in such a hurry…I didn’t want to seem greedy, so we chose a middle-of-the-line priced high chair. Not realizing I would come to detest the pattern that is now in SO many pictures. I know. It’s trivial. But I had to share.)


  1. wow…I’m all for throwing food at them to keep them quiet, but you are brave! I am just so paranoid about choking, I only recently started giving her those dissolving Gerber puffs for babies. At this rate, she’ll have her first graham cracker when she’s 12. 🙂
    Haha. But seriously, were you at all afraid she’d get a big chunk and choke? I’d love to try it, I just need some convincing!

  2. Steph, I was conscious of that risk for sure. Her high chair was right next to me and I kept checking to see her progress. She has no teeth, she just gums it to death. There’s still a chance she could dissolve a chunk & choke, so I wouldn’t give it to her in another room or anything. We’ve tried rice cakes too, & those are even harder to dissolve.

  3. Love the comparison pics and believe me there will be times that I will also be throwing Gianna a graham cracker and rushing around to complete dinner or some other task. Your right my bath tub experience is kind of a right of passage.

  4. I love love love these pictures of beautiful Sydney. They are so cute. Good job capturing the moment. I also love the comparisson shot, they do look alike there. Such cute kiddos!

    For those that fear the choking, there is always those mesh bags from Target. I’ve even stuffed crackers in there before, it’s just gross to clean afterwards. But hey, I will scrub mush out of a bag if it means a few minutes to get something done… (:

  5. I love those sweet pictures. Sydney looks like you’ve just given her the best prize ever! The comparisons are cute, too! Don’t worry – it won’t be long until you’ll be comparing your grandchildren’s pictures to these! It happens too quickly! In the meantime, enjoy! Enjoy!

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