From the Department of DUH:

So, get ready to shine my Mother of the Year trophy.

We went on a mini-vacay, just me and the kids, to a friends beach house for a day and a half. On the long drive home, I let Carson have one McD’s cheeseburger (no fries). Then I let him have one red vine. Then I thought it was only fair to let him have a small chocolate milk since I was getting a mocha. I mean, I had forgotten his sippy cup, so he had no drink.

Are you surprised that all that junk food, especially the chocolate milk chaser resulted in him puking all over himself somewhere between Newport and Corvallis? I shouldn’t have been.


  1. I’m sorry, but what part was the vacation again? Was it the solo venture with two kids to a cold/rainy body of water? The long drive? The puke? Girl, that trip is gonna make being at home feel like a vacation.

    Oh, and a p.s. I fell off the face of the earth and never got back to you on the UCL stuff. I’m budgeting and narrowing choices down…so keep reminding us from time to time!:)

  2. Oh joy 🙁 But I have to admit as I read along and read “red vine” which by the way I don’t know what that is, I expected to hear Carson say, “Mom can I have another red wine”…. sorry it went a different direction.

  3. Fun times! Henry has only had chocolate milk one time and he didn’t even finish it! I guess I’m glad… Yuck! And please. Maybe it’s jut me, but I don’t the meal wasn’t THAT bad. Give yourself some credit! Maybe it was your driving! Ha! 🙂

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