Camera happy

My poor children are never safe from camera-crazy Mommy. This morning I decided to take pictures of Sydney in her highchair before she had eaten. She is such a content baby, but sometimes a tough crowd for a mommy who is trying to make her smile right after she woke up! Here she is displaying her contemplative look. Can you see the slightly raised left eyebrow? This is one of her trademark faces.
They are hard to see most of the time because they are strawberry blonde, but this pic shows that she has some pretty long eyelashes!

Big bro had to get in on the action. Can’t let sis get all the attention.

“OK, get me outta here.”



  1. You got way more out of her than you would have me before my breakfast in the morning. 🙂

    Really cute! The second to last is my fav!

  2. I commented this morning. Where did it go? I probably entered the code in wrong. I’ll say it again. I love the pictures! She is just darling!!! Is that the black fleece in the background?

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