Here’s some random info and pictures from the last few days. I’ve written plenty on this blog about how frustrating my eldest is, so I should also now write that we’ve been going through a period of…let’s just say it’s been more enjoyable than not. He has been especially helpful with Sydney, and she is totally enamored of him. On this particular day, he made a total mess of her room, finding all kind of things to entertain her with, and took 2 blankets to make a “dress” for her. And no, he is not wearing pants again. People, I make myself quite vulnerable and authentic for ya here. This is the real life of Brazenlilly.
Also, take note of Carson’s mane. Because it has been shorn! It was quite the drama (reverting back to “frustrating” mode), but Gma Jojo was gracious to cut it for us. When we went into the bathroom at home to look at it, he was distressed. “Oh, man,” he whined. “Now I look just like Uncle Chad!” Yes, dear, that is true. Also, please note the “get dressed” chart we had to start. This is because Carson is going through some sort of phase where every single pair of socks and shoes “HURT” him and he wants every single tag cut off of every single piece of clothing, and we were dealing with massive, earth-shattering meltdowns. Every single day. Every. Single. Day. So we started this chart and he gets a sticker for days he gets totally dressed without throwing a fit.

Also, random, Sydney was wearing this cute outfit (gift from Mimi and Tara) and I wanted to take a picture. I realized I have no good places to take pictures of an entire outfit, other than that darn green couch that is already in a million pictures. So, we tried the rocker. It kind of backfired, because Sydney would not relax her body due to the rocking motion. She was hunched over in every picture, which, humorously, makes her jacket look like one from the 80’s with huge shoulder pads. Especially in that second pic. Hee!


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. I laughed SO hard when I saw the pic of Carson’s new hair cut…he does look just like uncle Chad! Hehe. He’s even wearing a Superman shirt!

  2. Ah, sounds like one has a “Spirited” child (since I’m rereading my copy of “Raising Your Spirited Child” for the next SC coming up in the family). I must admit I thought this morning as I was attempting to make a daily schedule for Judah so he would stop asking me “Can I watch TV now? Is it screentime now?”: “I bet Brazenlilly would make a better chart than the one I’m scraping together on Google Docs.” I was right. 😀

    As I tell myself daily, “Head up, young person; head up” (do you know that movie?).

  3. Ah Jen, it is a relief to know that ours is not the only household that could be mistaken for a munchkin nudist colony! I can’t even tell you how it happens, because I DO get them dressed in an orderly fashion every morning. However, if you were to knock on my door I’m sure a pantless princess duo would greet you. Fab. I love that you have a chart! I’ve never gone through the clothes war that you’ve described, so I’m interested to read more. I have escaped said battle thus far. Do you think it’s a girl/guy difference? Okay, I’ve written enough I could’ve just sent an email. Apparently I’m in need of some other mommy contact…:) Ah well, time to break into the Girl Scout Samoas.:)

  4. Ooh! I identify with the getting dressed issues. Alexa is also very tactile-oriented. It’s a hard call on how much to bend for that type of stuff. We cut out a few tags, retired a few shirts, and walked through the battle on the rest. At one point last winter, she had all but 7 outfits packed in a suitcase and stored in the garage. Choices were not helpful in this particular issue. Then the next morning, she still threw a fit and was down to 6 outfits. After that, no more fits, as I think she could see in my calm, firm eyes that she would get down to one outfit and be stuck wearing that over and over. Anyway, totally get you on that one.

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