Filler, yes, but cute filler.

I know I haven’t been posting much this last week, and what I did post was boring. Our family caught the same cold bug that everyone else had, with fever and something called RSV on top of it. Now both children have inhalers. Also, Trent was out of town for 4 days. Also, I had 2 sub jobs. Also, we stayed at my inlaws for 2 nights. Also, we had a wild and crazy double b-day party for the Sweet Pumpkins. It’s been a fun, tiring and interesting week!

Here’s a video to hold you over until I have something more amusing to post. It is a video of the kids playing in Sydney’s room. Finding another item to add to the list of “things that Sydney likes now but will hate soon” is the game Carson has of throwing soft things at her and making her laugh. The video is kind of dark (literally, not figuratively), because I like to create a cave for my children to sleep with black-out shades and white noise machines. I just hadn’t opened the shades after her recent nap. I love that laugh!


  1. soooo cute!

    I’m sorry to hear that you guys have been under the weather. That’s no fun…

    I’m with you on the whole “cave” thing. I do black out shades and white noise too.

    Hope you guys all feel better soon!!

  2. Okay, I’ve seen her biggest smiles and I’ve heard her giggle, but I’ve never heard her laugh like this!!! SO CUTE! Can’t wait to see her and her RSV self today!

  3. Oh my goodness. soooo cute! That laugh is great..
    On another note, we all have had the RSV thing too. They gave Sydney an inhaler? Weird!Madeline had to do a breathing treatment..screamed the entire time. It was awful. Anyway, I hope you are all feeling better!

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