So, I got a new camera for Cmas. It is small and pink and just for me. When I am home, I am mean and don’t let Carson use it. He got his own digital camera last Christmas, and I direct him to use that. WELL, when I uploaded some pictures this morning, looking for a video I just took, there were some NEW pictures on my camera of which I was unaware.

I mean, I’m not saying that these were necessarily the handiwork of a 3 year old. It could have been an incompetent adult.

But my deducing skills lead me to believe these were taken by a child. But WHEN could they have been taken? I mean, I guard my new camera diligently! What adult was in charge when this new camera was in the hands of a toddler?

THEN, I stumbled on these 2 pictures, which will act as incriminating evidence exhibits A and B. This is clearly the torso of Bapaw Phil, who was over at our house on Friday night, hanging out with Trent and the kids while I was gone.Yeah, this may be the work of a child, but it definitely took place under adult supervision. Those Tompkins men cannot be trusted!

The whole reason I was going to post was this little video. Of course, I am loquacious, so I can’t just post it. I need to remind you of a few things I have previously mentioned on this very blog. 1) Carson rarely wears pants before noon. 2)Our unmade bed is usually where the kids hang out while I get ready in the morning, and cute things tend to happen. 3)They both have colds & Sydney’s got a bad runny nose. I promise I usually wipe it when I’m not getting a cute video. and 4) Sydney learned this new trick that I wanted to catch for my own posterity and for your viewing enjoyment.


  1. HeHe! I love the pictures that a certain 3 year old took =). It made me laugh out loud. Of course the video is adorable. It is so cute to watch Carson teaching his little sister. I love watching Ethan do the same with Abby. I also want to say I love the pillow baracade surrounding Sydney. We’ve all done that =).

  2. I have to say that I am seriously impressed with Syd’s new skills! Andrew just learned to clap last week (and they’re like 3 months apart!), and still one of his hands always stays clenched! Seriously, she can not only clap, but clap the right way!!! Bravo Sydney!!! So proud of her and I’m not even related! Love you guys!!!

  3. Awesome…I love the trail of incriminating evidence! My kids rarely leave good trails of evidence behind. To top if off they’re really good at the “who me?” looks.

  4. So cute, Jen! I am seriously impressed with Sydney’s clapping skills! Madeline is definitely not there yet. I love the videos. Keep ’em coming. I just figured out how to use the video camera on my digital camera, so I will be posting some soon.

  5. That gave me a good chuckle. I’m impressed that Carson does a not half bad job of picture taking at age 3.

    The video of the kids is super cute, I love Syd’s new talent and the snotty nose. I know all about those lately!

    Hopefully we’ll see you guys soon,
    love ya.

  6. Apparently, all us people who see each other frequently all have children with runny noses… 🙂

    Oh, and STOP IT WITH THE CUTENESS! Syd is the cutest little clapper I ever saw. I love how she looks to Carson for approval, as if to say, “Am I doing it right? Like you?” Big hugs and snotty kisses from Aunt Steph!

    PS Tell Carson way to take advantage of a situation. I was really good at that, too. 🙂

  7. Oh so talented! Didn’t I see them in knickers with Austrian feather caps climbing over a mountain to escape the Germans? (I know it’s your dream Jen. Even though it’s camera/clapping skills vs. singing.) Fear not, the Von Tompkins Family Singers may emerge yet, and when they do I want to be their manager.

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