New look & new tricks

I was getting tired of the maroon, so I switched up the look on the ol‘ blog. Please be patient, as I don’t have time in one sitting to update all my links and whatnot.
A new thing this last week was that Sydney got to sit in the big bath with Carson. They both enjoyed the novelty, I think. We have to sit on the floor with a vigilance we haven’t needed in a while in the big tub. She’s slipped a few times and got her face wet, but nothing scary. I thought it was really fun that they could be in together, and when Carson was excited I said “Yeah, now you guys can take baths together for a long time!” Trent looked at me with a weird face and said, “Uh, not a LONG time.”

I LUV this FACE!

These pics are of my brainwashed kids for my husband’s side of the family, who are all huge OSU fans.

Here’s a video of Sydney’s new trick. She’s been blowing raspberries all the time for the last few days. She was a little distracted by the camera cord, but normally we go back and forth for quite a while. It’s the simple things in life that make me smile!


  1. Well aren’t you spiffy! How do you do that?! And as always the kids are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. And sheesh, since Syd’s like 6 months old now, when is news of #3?:) You’ve gone from brazenlilly baby to brazenlilly babies…dare I say someday to brazenlilly brood? I mean, I’m just sayin’ with all the “extra” time you have on your hands to update your blog look, maybe more kids are in order.:) Oh, did I overstep my bounds?:) Though I will say that who needs more when you already have two of the cutest kids in the world, huh?

  2. Oh, and P.S. I love the floating Baja Fresh cup in the bath tub. We use those for company. No joke, we have the whole set.:) Never thought to use it as a tub toy!

  3. GO DUCKS!!! (side note: Mike telling Carson to tell daddy Go Ducks, and then he wouldn’t stop saying it? yeah, that = funny!) Cute outfits though, for real… wish I had some duck gear for my kiddos!

  4. So cute! Bathtime is so fun! I love snuggling them when the are all bundled up in their towels! That pic of Syd is SO cute! Love it!

    Oh, and I think she might have been trying to say that the Beavs stink?!?

  5. FYI, Jeremiah and I took baths together until I was 8 (Jeremiah was 5). That’s third grade. We thought nothing of it. Until Jeremiah pulled the shower switch on and turned the faucet ALL THE WAY to hot. Then my mom had us separated. 🙂 Besides that incident, I remember bathtime being a lot of fun b/c I had a bath buddy!

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