Embarassing, but funny.

Have you ever had one of those days when you don’t exactly go the extra mile in getting yourself presentable? You know, you don’t bother blow-drying your wrinkly, frizzy hair; you just put on enough make-up to get by; realize your “good” jeans are dirty, so you wear a not-as-cute pair? You think to yourself: “How many people could possibly see me today? Not that many!”

Yes, I had a day like that. Eleven years ago. In my defense, flat-irons were not yet invented–at least, I had never heard of one. And a last-minute invitation turned into those 15 minutes everyone is promised once in their lifetime. A friend recently informed me that my regret in those morning preparation decisions is now captured for the world on YouTube. Enjoy, and try to laugh WITH me, not AT me.


  1. Oh my word in honor! You’re famous!
    That is SO funny you were on that–how fun!

    And I am dying at your description of getting ready! What are the chances that the day you decided NOT to get all dolled up, was the day you’d be on national T.V.!

    I think Wayne dug your au natural look!

    You look beautiful! And your hair is awesome! No joke, I love it!

  2. Seriously Jen, I needed that- THANK YOU! That is so funny! I so have those days, and I hate them! It always seems something comes up or there’s like a surprise of some sort waiting in your honor- lame! Anyway, that is so cool you were on that show- love it a million times over forever and ever 🙂

  3. Wait, why have I never heard this story? If I was on a TV show, I would introduce myself to people as, “Hi. I’m Jim. I’ve been on Whose Line Is It Anyway.”

  4. I remember when this originally aired! At first, Derek and I were like, “hey, isn’t that Don Sewell’s youngest daughter behind Drew Carey?” and then they pulled you out of the audience. We were so excited because we knew you and you were on tv. Just like when Ashley was on Price is Right and JJ was on Ellen. And now Diane is being quoted in NYT! 🙂 Wow, I know lots of famous people!

  5. Yeah Jen… I’m with Jim, how come we’ve never known this tid bit of info about you! You’re practically famous! I love it and you’re quite cute I must say, the best smiles and love the hair! Thanks for sharing.

  6. wow, I forgot about this one! I think I watched it when it was on or something (it’s been a few years now!) That is a funny memory, and I never knew the other backstory.

  7. SHUT. UP. I’m SOOOO glad you brought this out of the archives cause I remember being back in college (oh, like 10 years ago) and this being one of my favorite shows. Imagine my surprise when one night I turn it on to see my highschool bud! I about choked on my cereal…or whatever low budget thing I was eating at the time…dude, I think THIS is a recession? COLLEGE was a recession.:) Anyhoo, you are way too cute and I had Lee watch this with me a second time last night. Dying. Laughing. Oh so good for the soul. (Any thing else you’re holding out on for us?)

  8. Mom and I are loving the comments here as much as the video! (Hi Kelly. It’s been a long time.) You looked great on the show, Jen, but you’re more beautiful today than ever before.

  9. Yes, great setup, thinking you had a story about seeing an old boyfriend that broke your heart at the grocery store with fuzzy hair. I was NOT expecting to see it on national television… or National YouTube which is bigger than National Television!!! I was so wanting you to break out in song with him…

    Alli and Kel… you are both funny gals!

  10. It seriously seems like just a couple years ago you were on there, then I watch it and realize I have no sense of time. You still look adorable anyhow, without all the extra fuss. Made us laugh seeing it again after all these years. 😉

  11. I remember calling your Mom immediately! I was so blown away that it was you!! Such a cute young woman — still are!

  12. I am SO jealous. I loved that show! I went to see a taping, but didn’t get called. They did use my idea for a skit and you can hear me shout “Bad Breath!” as the skit idea – but you!!! You’re so totally famous!

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