Carson has an announcement.

BE ALARMED! He would like everyone within earshot to know that the WORLD IS OFFICIALLY ENDING. That’s right. We have serious (and loud) weeping and gnashing of teeth here. We have screaming, shouting, flailing of all four limbs, shaking of the head and what is really quite an impressive sharp, jerking movement of the torso. I’m really quite sorry to be the bearer of this depressing news, earthlings.

For years people have predicted this apocalypse, but no one knew how it would take place. Turns out that all it takes for the sky to fall is for me to put cream cheese on the bagel when he wanted it plain. Sorry everyone. My bad.

Although, I can provide some hope for humanity in that Carson had a very similar announcement to every single shopper in Target last week when I refused to purchase an $80 toy. And yet, somehow, miraculously, we’re all still here. Huh. It’s a mystery.


  1. does it make me mean that I’m actually just grateful to hear a story that reminds me my son isn’t the only one who loses self control from time to time? Glad to hear you’re handling it with humor!

  2. Uh, I won’t believe it ’til I see it! He is always so quiet and mild when I see him!

    Doesn’t it just make you laugh sometimes, to watch them throw a psycho fit!?!?

    Looking forward to visiting with you!

  3. and this, my co laborer in motherhood, is our plight…, to dutifully readjust our perspectives to include the scopes of our children’s small, small, small, small, infinitesimally small world. 🙂

  4. yeah, i thought carson was going to tell us he is going to be a big brother AGAIN. when that news comes it will be awesome, but for now i’d take the cream cheese meltdown…

  5. Dang, Jen. It seems the whole world wants you to be pregnant again already! Though we would all love it, I say a realistic, YEAH RIGHT!

    And also, the world also almost came to an end this morning when Henry asked where daddy was (after 2 whole weeks of him being home) and I said he was at work today. Oh. My. Word. The head thrown back. The wails. It took me a half hour to calm him down. Fun!

  6. Hi Jen!

    It’s been ages! I think the last time I saw you was right before you and Trent got married…crazy!

    Anyway, the real reason I write is that I must confess…I’m quite the blog stalker as I’ve been silently keeping up with you and your darling little family for the past year or so! Yep, I’m the silent one who checks in on Carson’s antics and Sydney’s sweet smiles!

    Forgive me?

    Glad you stopped by my poorly neglected blog…I should get to that. But I enjoy blog stalking other people more! 😉


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