Something you may not know about my husband…

***warning: LOTS of pictures in this long post*** A couple years ago, I heard a Newlywed Game question: “Which of your husband’s relationships would need a deeper analysis by a psychologist: his relationship with his mother or his male friends?” This was a no-brainer for me. While Trent loves his mom, he has a serious,Continue reading “Something you may not know about my husband…”

Business Venture #2

Before Christmas, I posted about my entrepreneurial endeavor of making Christmas photo cards for some extra Christmas money. It was fun! Thanks to all those who let me experiment with their cards.* Another side business that I started last fall was selling Uppercase Living products, which are vinyl designs/expressions you rub onto your wall. Doesn’tContinue reading “Business Venture #2”

Carson has an announcement.

BE ALARMED! He would like everyone within earshot to know that the WORLD IS OFFICIALLY ENDING. That’s right. We have serious (and loud) weeping and gnashing of teeth here. We have screaming, shouting, flailing of all four limbs, shaking of the head and what is really quite an impressive sharp, jerking movement of the torso.Continue reading “Carson has an announcement.”