LONG Snow Post

Fun times around here! And a play-by-play for the rest of you. Yesterday we watched Wall-E and had popcorn after naptime. There had been a little bit of snow, but nothing serious. Then around 4pm, the flakes starting coming down harder, so we ventured outside to check it out.

By 6pm we had a really good layer of snow, the first of this year, so we had to go and play a bit, even though it was dark.

Then, this morning, the sun came up and the snow was still there! Nothing makes you feel like a kid again the same way a snow day does…except when you still have to try to go to work. But it was really icy out. Fortunately, Trent’s boss told him not to try to come to work in our wimpy little cars. (Pretty much every single patient cancelled anyway.) Yeah! Last night Trent got to play, so this morning I wanted to play with Carson.
This may be my favorite pic from the snowday. Here we are sporting our snow bibs. My good snow clothes are still loaned out to a friend, but these are hand-me-downs from Eric, and Carson’s are from last year–thus the capri-pant-style! I think his expression is priceless!

Much cold fun ensued…

Showing Carson how to throw a snowball at Daddy.

Then he tried…

Who doesn’t like snow angels?!

The answer is: Carson doesn’t like snow angels.

There were some tears.

But he got over it and tried the snow slide.

I love rosey cheeked kids!

And Mr. GQ posing on the deck in his sweat pants!

Don’t worry. It was a clean patch.

Me trying to be artsy fartsy with my photos. After I tried a few of these, I noticed the owners of the house next door watching me skeptically through the kitchen window, which is about five feet from the lense. I swear! I’m just shooting the fence! I’m not a peeping tom!

Snow brings out the attention span like nothing else.

Here he’s singing “I’m dreaming…..of a whiiiiiiiiiite Christmas….”

Cutie patootie in Daddy’s hat and a coat I bought on eBay for 99 cents. I KID YOU NOT! The shipping was $10, but totally worth it.

There. Now those of you who don’t like in the Portland/Salem area can live vicariously through our winter wonderland!


  1. Okay finally my 5th check of your blog today really paid off! I’d hoped you’d post snow photos and you did not disappoint! Love the snowclothes pose and Carson’s expression! Loved every single pix. Thanks!

  2. I second that…you DO look HOT! I love your hair! Good call on that cut! I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the cozy days! I love every single one of your posts! You have a darling family!

  3. I have to say my favorite is the one of Carson and you showing off your snowgear. Both your expressions are perfect. It’s fun to see what other families are doing in the snow. I’m glad Trent got to stay home too and enjoy a day with his family.

  4. Wish I was there to play in the snow with you. I LOVE the picture of you and Carson showing off your cute snow outfits- gotta love suspenders and capri snow pants- plus an ebay coat- very nice. When I saw it…I thought those look like Eric’s pants…and sure enough.
    Loved the snow angel pics too. Glad Carson recovered and had some more fun in the snow. Give the kids a hug from me.

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