Day 2

Today’s Christmas countdown activity was to have hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles. It was a hit! We only had 2 Christmas mugs, so I had the ol’ George Fox University mug–not festive, but did the job.

Some people have asked for the list of things we are going to be doing. I’d be glad to share! I figure doing it even a little would be fun for kids. One requirement for my calendar was that I be able to switch things around, depending on what I was up for any given day, so these are in no particular order:
Set up the Little People nativity and read the Christmas story from C’s Bible
Give everyone crazy hairstyles and have a dance party
Have breakfast for dinner
Make decorations for the tree
Have a camp out around the christmas tree (weekend?)
Fancy dress for dinner time
Go buy a toy and take it to the toy drive drop off
Make handmade gift tags for Carson’s friends’ gifts
Watch WALL E and have popcorn
Go out for ice cream
Go see the Christmas lights
Baking cookies together
Going food shopping and bring that food to the food bank
Going bowling
Have a pizza picnic on a blanket in front of the Christmas tree
Wrap Daddy’s present with Mommy, then wrap Mommy’s present with Daddy
Going Christmas shopping together for stocking stuffers
Having a fondue night (hey, girls, can I borrow one of the pots?)
Getting one of those unfinished wood trays from a craft store and put everyone’s handprint on it
Decorate sugar cookies
Make a gingerbread house
Make Jesus’ birthday cake (Dec 23rd)

SO–anyone have any other ideas! I’d love to brainstorm some more! Do share…


  1. I am just curious how you are getting Carson to do all this stuff sans tantrums? I tried to make turkey hand print placemats for thanksgiving, and Porter would have nothing to do with it. Is he understanding all of this? Please tell me how!!!

  2. How about a night where everyone wears Christmas socks? I’m sure the wise men had little booties to keep their frost bitten toes warm. Or what about gathering around the tree for Christmas songs?

  3. Thanks for sharing your ideas…my husband and I decided we will do a 12 Days of Christmas list. Now we just have to decide which 12 to use. I love blogging…it is like getting inside the brains of the creative people since I am missing that gene. 🙂

  4. I bet he loved that hot cocoa. Guess what I’m going to have right now =). This isn’t really a family activity, but a cute idea. You can use Christmas shaped cookie cutters for other foods (sandwiches, cheese, pizza, waffles, pancakes, etc).

  5. You could spend an evening, or a cold Saturday morning watching home movies or looking at photos from past Christmases. It might be fun for Carson to see what Christmas was like for you when you were his age.

    That’s the only idea I can come up with!

    I am very impressed by this whole thing. Good work, Super Mom!

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