Is this better?

OK, after subjecting you to that last post, I thought I would post a more pleasing holiday number. I’ve performed a lot of songs over the years, but a few stand out as favorites, and this is one of them. This definitely wasn’t our best performance (or our most formal, as you can see) but it’s the best recording I have of it. I have totally succumbed and am already listening to Christmas music! And I’m dragging you down with me.


  1. Oh my word in honor! Your voice is BEAUTIFUL!!! I kept listening to this…what a cool song and the harmony is awesome! I love Christmas music–keep these videos coming!

    I’ve heard you mention you were in a choir before. What choir do you sing in?

    Missed you today and hope you are all well!

  2. What, no “Arise My Love”???:) Seriously though, what a gorgeous arrangement! And how fun to have talented friends and family to sing with. You should definitely make that a tradition!

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