You MUST hear this.

I beg of you. Listen all the way to the end. And let the Christmas season begin!

This is dedicated to Mrs. Marple who keeps this fun tradition alive each year.


  1. Oh … My … Gosh! If you hadn’t begged, I certainly wouldn’t have listened to the entire thing. Please tell me that was a joke recording and not a Christmas Eve service at someone’s church.

  2. Rats!!! You beat me to it this year! I try to at LEAST wait until after Thanksgiving… still cracks me up! Thanks for sharing! Adoringly, Mrs. M

  3. Dying. I. AM. DYING. I’m laughing hard because (sadly) these are usually the kinds of folks who come up to me on their first Sunday at church and let me know how talented they are, and how if I want to “take my team to the next level” I would be wise to plug them in where the good Lord has OBVIOUSLY gifted them. Where’s Simon Cowell when you need him? (My favorite is the hold out on the last note. Simply divine.)

  4. Okay…so I am listening to it…cringing at every off-pitch note and trying not to think poorly of it because I thought, just maybe, there would be a video at the end of this poor soul singing. I was picturing someone disabled singing their sweet heart out….got to the end….no video….just 3:34 of torture!

  5. This comment isn’t about the disturbing recording of such a beautiful song….although I must say I probably couldn’t do better.

    but in response to your comment on my blog….

    um..NOOO! I had no idea you could set it up online and you could race like that. Miah would LOVE that!!(and so would I ….bring it on Jen!)

    Tell me how to do it…..

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