Business Venture #1

OK, I’m putting my salesgirl hat on. If you’re not interested, just skip this and wait until my next normal post.
I got this idea when I posted the cool baby announcement Mike made for me. (I’m too lazy to find the link. Just keep scrolling down if you want to see it.) Heidi asked if he did Christmas cards, and I thought…why don’t I do Christmas cards? So, I asked Mike’s permission to totally steal his thunder and he relented.

I’ve invested in a few digi-supplies to experiment a little. I have no idea if anyone will even be interested, but I had fun creating all kinds of sample cards. If, by some chance, you are interested in having me make your photo christmas cards (ala shutterfly, etc–but slightly cheaper and with more personal touch) then scroll through these samples and check my prices at the bottom. If not, just see how creative I had to get finding sample pictures–thanks to friends and family for letting me steal your photos. Some of these I like more than others. Some I don’t really care for, but you never know what will strike a fancy.

Style A B
























Most of the colors can be changed, and I can add/delete/change font on any text. If you are interested, leave a comment or email me at You send me the jpg you want, choose a style and the text (and font, if you have a preference) you’d like.
Any card, any size, with one photo, sent to you as a jpg, to print as you choose: $10
4×6’s printed and sent to you: $ .40 each

5×7’s printed and sent to you: $ .70 each

4×8’s printed and sent to you: $ .80 each

5×5’s printed and sent to you $1 each
Prices are based on 50 cards or less. If you want more, let me know and I’ll figure out a discount.
These prices do NOT include envelopes. I take cash, check and PayPal. 🙂 (Really!)
In addition, if you are the type who pays for convenience, and you are interested in having me buy envelopes, stuff cards, address them, etc…send me an email or comment and we can arrange something.


  1. This rocks! I am ALL about convenience like this and knowing you’d be the one handling it all would put me at such ease. Unfortunately I already have Christmas cards, but could these same designs work for our baby announcement? I mean, she IS a Christmas baby after all. Anyway, I’d love to know more of your thoughts. Is the finished product a photo card? A paper card? (I don’t care, just trying to get a visual.) Did you say that YOU can do all the printing if we just send the picture and wording? Hmmm…I’m TOTALLY intrigued. And PayPal? I’m impressed. You go girl. I LOVE having friends that do cool stuff!!! Sheesh, between cousins’ closet and you, I’ve now got like half my life organized!:)

  2. Ror, I’ll email you about the details. Mike has the market cornered on announcements, so I’m going to send you to him first to see if he has time and what he would charge. But yes, the finished product is regular photo paper, just with the graphic design instead of just the pic.

  3. Jen – these are GORGEOUS! I will email you shortly. I’m going to do a silly picture this year – and I want to do a phrase to go along with it like, “All I want for Christmas is the perfect family photo” or something like that. But then I also want to put our names and the year and of course Merry Christmas! Do you think you could fit something like that onto a card? Also – how much time wil you need? I don’t have a picture yet. YAY~ I’m excited! 🙂

  4. They look great Jen! I don’t know why, but I’m especially partial to choice H. I just know they’re gonna be big sellers! Can’t wait to watch your business boom!

  5. Jim…you are obsessed.

    Holy crap, Jen! These look amazing! I think you’ve twisted my arm!!

    Also, I love these pics. SO taking me down memory lane…like remembering that Carson was chubby! Look how cute he is in Pic W!!! Love it!

  6. Aw Jim! =)

    Jen, I must admit I’ve looked at this post several times admiring your work. I also love that we’re all featured in your debut. =) I know these are going to be a hit!

  7. Jen… What do you think your turn around time is? I am hoping to get a good picture of the three of us when we are at Disneyland at Thanksgiving, and I like to send my cards out that next week. Because have you noticed if you send the cards earlier you GET more cards? And that is really why I send cards, because I love getting them. 🙂

    I think I send about 120 out a year. I’ll have to look at my list. You can email me, or I’ll check back here.


  8. Hi there, I found you from Dana and Kevin’s blog. I actually have a question for you. Where do you find your backgrounds? I love digital scrapbooking, but haven’t been able to find backgrounds that are as cute as yours, or do you make them yourself? Thanks. They are really cute!

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