Sock it to me.

OK, wow, I’ve not been living up to my own frequent-blogging standards. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy this week helping the girls with their consignment sale. It was such a hoot! I don’t think any of us thought it would be so big–I’m talking amount of clothes (could barely fit it on our racks) and people (huge lines and sometimes shoulder-to-shoulder shopping!). They did an awesome job and I was glad I was able to help. Check out the BunchBunch blog to see how famous they got! (Even though the newscaster mispronounced Becky’s last name. If I had a nickel for how many time I was called “Jen Brunch” growing up. Grrrrr….)
So, I will be posting more this week about a couple of business ventures of my own, but first I have a survey question for all of you who have small kids or have bought for small kids. Sydney owns exactly 3 pairs of socks. I know! It’s horrible. All summer she either wore pj-type outfits or little sundresses with bare tootsies. But little baby socks have always been such a headache for me. I can never get them to stay on.
Anyone have a suggestion as to a brand of socks that work well for babies?


  1. The socks that stayed on my boys were the ones from Children’s Place that have a tiny bit of traction on the bottom. The typical soft baby puffy socks slipped right off.

  2. Totally agree with the above comment–puffy socks are no good. Children’s Place and Gap have good traction socks that stay on. I also use crew socks on Samuel (from BRU), but those are more a boy style than a girl style. I have a friend who swears by those socks that look like shoes by Trumpette. They are super adorable and supposedly they stay on well (I’ve never bought them ’cause they are a bit pricey). The girl socks look like little ballet slippers–so cute!

    Basic rule, the longer and thinner the sock is, the better it will stay on. Short, thick socks seems to slip too easily off the heel.

    Good luck sock shopping!

  3. Jen-
    I use the trumpette socks….i have been able to find some “boyish” ones too, but they are really popular for girls! They stay on great!
    -Kel 🙂

  4. For socks we like Children’s Place….until Haley decided she doesn’t like the “writing on the bottom” cause it bothers her feet.

    But when my kids were Sydney’s age, I bought a pair of ROBEEZ, and they wore those day and night. It may get a bit cold for plain robeez but they make boots that might be worth it for Oregon. It’s kinda spendy, but they only had 1 pair and seriously wore them EVERY day. SO WORTH IT!!!

  5. i also go the target route. i like to spend more money on clothes and less on socks since no one really cares about them or may be just me. anyhow, they are cheap, they stay on great and are the perfect length for a girl.

  6. Oh my heavens, girls and boys need different socks? It’s a good thing I’m the only girl in my house. 🙂 As for my boys’ socks, I like the kind that I don’t have to fold over a whole bunch of times – that I can simply pull on up to their mid-calf so they can’t pull them off easily. Which they do eventually, but at least it takes them a while. 🙂

  7. So I obviously have no experience with girls socks, but I’m sure they’re similar to boys:) I am having the same problem as you, most of Miles’ socks fall off…I do like Children’s Place, I know a few people said they liked their socks too, and a good friend used those litte trumpette socks and they seemed to stay on her girl pretty well:) I haven’t given any new suggestions, sorry=) Good luck in your sock search.

  8. I have little to add on the sock note. But have you seen those cute little baby leg warmer things lately? They won’t do a thing for cold toes, but are pretty darn cute for little chubby legs! Target has them (on an end cap, with a few other over priced “couture” items, like hair clips for $10) … lots of different colors and styles.
    Also, incidentally, Target also has a Circo brand version of Robeez shoes – very cute. My kids all wore them to death too.
    And, finally, TIGHTS are wonderful for baby girls!

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