And that would make me? Old.

Last week I had my first sub job since having Syd. It was at a private elementary school that pays really well, so even though I didn’t plan on starting this month, I decided to take it. Holla to my mom for watching the kids, even though Sydney is boycotting bottles quite with some determination.

I was in a class of 5th graders that I know pretty well. This is the end of a short conversation I overhead between a girl and a boy:

Girl: Who’s Michael Jordan?

(That alone had my jaw dropping.)

Boy: He’s an old basketball player! Do you even know who Magic Johnson is?

Girl: Sure. He plays baseball.

Boy: No he doesn’t!

I’m wondering how far into our future will some kid say to another: “Who’s Tiger Woods?”


  1. nobody will ever say, “Who’s Tiger Woods?”…because Tiger Woods is invincible. He will play golf forever…and ever. no seriously…he’s biologically different…like superman…or John Stamos.

  2. Who’s John Stamos?

    Seriously, it sucks sucks sucks getting old. And then again, we’ve earned getting old. I wouldn’t go back to the fifth grade for all the money in the world….except maybe to not wear a dress on the first day because we had to play kick-ball.

  3. Hi Jen!
    I’m so glad your first day back went well! That’s a relief! I’d love to get together soon–maybe for a girl’s night at my house or something!

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