Deep [blog] thoughts. By Brazenlilly.

I was talking with two of my blogger friends last night, Kristen and Beth, and I mentioned to them that I have a hard time remembering to blog about anything other than my kids these days. Then I remembered that writing about and posting pictures of my kid was kind of why I started blogging in the first place. It’s so much easier to tell people about the blog than try to remember to send out emails with 10 attachments and stories that only I think are cute every couple months.
And I thank you, readers, all 6 of you (Hi Mom!), for letting me vent my joys and frustrations of this season in life. But am I giving a little TMI about the frustrating parts? One of my friends with no kids told me that reading my blog is “good birth control.” HA! Oh dear. Was it the potty training? It was, wasn’t it. The 36 hour labor and delivery story? The descriptions of a daily madhouse? More poop stories? I guess I should have a disclaimer or something. Or maybe I’m providing a service. You know, like a PSA. I mean, ignorance was bliss when I thought that parenting was rocking a sleeping baby while reading the latest novel from Oprah’s bookclub, but when I’m verbally and physically wrestling with a toddler whilst holding a screaming infant and cleaning spit-up from my new shirt as I walk out the door (late) to church, I may be able to think “No one told me how hard this was going to be!” However, if you have read my blog, you can claim no such naivety.
Actually, I’m giving myself way too much credit. There are lots of other Mommy blogs with worse stories and Mommies who have it worse off than me. For instance, any mom with more than 2 kids. Or who has to work full-time AND do Mommy duties. Or who have a truly special-needs child. Or who have illness in their family. Or whose husbands are not as supportive as mine. Or who don’t have both sets of grandparents nearby. Or who don’t live 3 minutes from a Target. Or who have a bigger house to clean. Or who have pets other than a fish who obviously has magical powers and can stay alive in filthy water without food for days on end. Heck, come to think of it, what am I complaining for?!?!
Oh, but PS: Yesterday Carson put Chuck E. Cheese tokens in my car CD player and it is now broken. Fun!


  1. Personally, I LOVE the honesty, but maybe that’s just me. And, anyone who doesn’t have a kid who reads the blog, cannot really relate to the poop, the spit up, the screaming infant, and toddler tantrums….Keep up the good writing, and always KEEP IT REAL sister!! It’s the honesty that binds us moms together!! Sure it’s a JOY and DELIGHT to have kids, but come on, it is THEEEE HARDEST job!

  2. Too funny. I understand your friends comment; I was there once, but not because you paint motherhood in a bad light. It’s just that you can’t expect someone with no children to understand the subtle nuances in your posts about motherhood.

    The whole experience either seems skewed to one side or the other from a non-mommy perspective. Either motherhood is a frolic in a field of daisies or it’s one step above hell.

    However, as you so aptly point out in your blog, none of us really could grasp the magnitude of this thing before the kids were actually here. But the beauty is in the balance, as many of your other posts point out.

    You don’t just share the scary stories. If someone were to take a survey of all of your post, they would find a more balanced perspective on motherhood; one that celebrates the ups and the downs.

  3. I echo the above sentiments. And please, forward on to us any blogs of folks who used to live life watching Oprah and have now entered motherhood…oh the entertainment (and smile of satisfaction) that would bring me!:) No, seriously, I completely understand those thoughts because I used to feel the same way towards my young mom friends when I didn’t have kids. I now have a whole knew appreciation for motherhood and have experienced a deeper love than ever imagined for my two girls. I know you feel the same way, and I’m so glad for honesty because EVERY mom has her good and bad days. And I think we ALL understand that even the bad days are good when we look back! You’re an awesome mom btw!

  4. Oh, and P.S. I have a few unrelated blog requests:
    1. Health insurance story after Sydney was born?
    2. Your birthday…how was it? Pics? Did you go camping in honor of?
    3. I’ll wait for it, but I’m assuming Carson’s b-day pics are on the way…
    4. We desperately need some Jen B. flashback posts…more neon please!
    5. Family recipes? Anything Martha Stewart to pass on? Just for fun.
    Oh, gotta go. Eva is requesting to look at my armpit. It is amazing what kids find entertaining.:)

  5. DON’T stop with the true stories. As a fellow mother, I need to be reminded from other mothers that it’s a tough job. It’s a wonderful privilege being a mom. But it’s not all sunshine and light you know? There’s thunder and darkness too. And I think that’s okay. To take a quote (loosely) from one of my fave movies of all time (Vanilla Sky). It’s all about the sweet and sour. With the sour, the sweet ain’t as sweet.

    And of course there’s the fact that your blog is stinkin’ hilarious. Hello, I NEED that levity in my life! Keep it coming girl!

  6. I echo everything written above. I love your honesty. If you only wrote about the sunshine and roses I probably would have stopped reading long ago. Your honesty helps normalize those times I feel like I’m losing my mind from being pulled in so many directions. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the search for balance…or a working CD player if the case may be.

    Keep your stories coming!

  7. Hi Jen,
    I’m a friend of Jenna’s (through another friend) and I’ve been lurking on your blog for about a year and a half…I feel like some creepy stalker! But I’m a mum too, and when I read your post today, I felt like I needed to come out of hiding and finally admit that I read your blog all the time, and laugh out loud at your experiences because they seem so close to mine. I think my favorite post, which I actually cried at because I was laughing so hard, was one where you wrote about how changing a diaper was a full contact sport. Definitely been there.
    I have twin boys who are a year younger than Carson, so I feel as though reading your stories is my glimpse into the future.
    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve been lurking for so long – I think you’re such a fantastic writer.
    All the best to you and your lovely family!
    (mum to William and Owen in Toronto)

  8. 1.) I don’t have time for books right now…reading blogs is my form of “research” in parenting.
    2.) I’m glued to your stories because you write so well.
    3.) You give great advice on other people’s blogs

    To join the complain train….my daughter screamed when I was trying to feed her tonight because my let down wasn’t coming fast enough. Probably because she would suck, sit up scream, come back for more, not enough coming out, sit up scream…you get the idea. It normally takes about 12 minutes at her last feeding, tonight was 23! But—then she cuddled, so see—the good outweighs the bad!

  9. On the contrary, I love your blog for the venting sessions and truths! It is what keeps me going on a hard day, knowing that motherhood – while being the greatest blessing and gift – is the hardest job of all. Besides that, you are FUNNY! Don’t stop!
    PS How do you get tokens out of a CD player???

  10. I, too, love the honesty. Like Dionne said, you offer such a great balance. And let’s be honest – there is an UNbalance of poop these days. It’s just a season though, right?

    I love reading your posts … because you write so well, and because it makes me not feel so alone!! 🙂

  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that we blog, we share, we communicate because life doesn’t just happen to one person at a time but is the more “shotgun” effect. A lot of people are splattered with the same shit that just hit the fan. We share because we love to know we’re not alone. You’re in good company sister. Tell us anything you want!

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