As Mariah Carey said…

“You’ll always be my baby.”

My baby boy turns THREE YEARS OLD today! I really can’t believe it. Each year on our birthdays, my parents would gushingly (what?! it’s a word!) look at us and say, “______ years ago at this time, we were rushing to the hospital!” or ” I remember the day you were born!” Yada, yada, yada. Well, now I know why! It’s so true! There are parts of those 2 and a half days (I was in labor for a long time) before Carson finally arrived that are blurry, but it is SUCH a life-changing experience, that most of it is crystal clear. And I think that birthdays make us focus on the birth day, and we remember our kids as those fragile little babies. THEN, we look up and they are no longer babies, and we go through all the cliches about parenting, particularly that common one: it goes by so fast! He’s such a fun kid, and he has personality coming out his ears–his cute little Carson ears.

So, I thought I would write about some of my favorite things about Carson Michael at 3 years old:

*He LOVES his family–immediate and extended. Sometimes when one of us is holding Sydney, and the other is in the same room, he’ll corral our legs and push us together and say “We’re a FAMILY! And we’re all TOGETHER!” Carson loves his sister and wants to be with her all the time and give her hugs and kisses. He asks when she’ll be able to play with him, because he wants to share his toys with her. (Yeah…we’ll see about that one.) He cannot wait to see any of his aunts, uncles or grandparents. He talks about them all the time and his eyes turn to saucers with excitement if I tell him we are going to see any of them that day.

*He LOVES his friends. Just yesterday he saw me writing thank you cards, and he decided he wanted to write cards to his 3 best friends. So we spent almost 30 minutes making cards for them, and he made sure that I addressed and stamped them. He kept saying with a grown-up inflection, “Oh, they are going to LOVE this!” (You three, you know who you are and will be receiving cards soon.) He prays for them each night, and almost every day he asks about E, N and H and all his other friends too, wondering if they can come over and play.

*He truly, in his heart, wants to please us. He forgets this sometimes, but we know it is true. He loves to bring me flowers and make things for Daddy. When he obeys the first time and I say “That makes me so proud!” he often says, “Do I make you smile?” Oh yeah, Babe. Lots.

*He is very funny! His language has totally taken off, and we can understand about 85-90% of what he is saying. (The percentage is probably lower for others.) He is imaginative and creative and likes to find ways to make us laugh. And then sometimes he makes us laugh accidentally. 😉 His most recent and repetitive joke is when he says from the bathroom, “Mom! I got a present for you!” and when I walk in, he points to his poop and says grandiosely (what? It’s a word!) “TADA!”

*He loves to snuggle with us and sit in our laps, which I hear rumor is not necessarily the norm for 3 year old boys.

*He is (almost always) very kind to other children. At least when I’ve watched, he talks nicely to kids we don’t know and smiles at me like: “I made a friend!”

*He is grateful. He doesn’t seem to take gifts for granted. Whether it is a churro at Costco or a day at the zoo or a new bottle of hand soap just for him, he says Thank You sincerely and often several times. I love that about him.

And now, you you can all walk down memory lane with me, here are some pics of C-dog’s first three years of life.

Year ONE:

Year TWO:

I think another line in that same Mariah Carey song says, “Oh, boy, you never can escape me. Oh, darling, ’cause you’ll always be my baby.”

Yep. Pretty much!


  1. I totally just got teared up. I’m not sure if it’s the mariah Carey lyrics or just the many wonderful shots of your darling boy. Happy Birthday c-dog. You are very loved.

    Here’s to being so blessed with such precious gifts. Good job Jen on being such a wonderful mommmy too.
    love you guys,
    Jenna and the boys

  2. yep, weepy friend here too. i love every single word of this post. i love his kind spirit. i love his jokes. i love the pictures. and i love how the great things about carson are really a reflection of how you love him and cherish your whole family.

    happy birthday c-dog!

  3. Not-so-baby boy!!! Happy Birthday to Carson and happy birthing-day to Jen! 🙂 Love the post and LOVE Carson. I can’t wait to open my mailbox! More than that, I cannot believe Carson is 3. How is that possible? He will always hold such a special place in my heart…I think and hope you know why.

  4. Happy Birthday Carson! Yay!!! I haven’t even gotten to the birthday thing, but I still have the “10 months ago today I was….” that happens just about every month on the 9th. She was born the 10th, but still…I count the whole laboring process. Anyway…very sweet post! I loved reading about his sweet personality! That also means good parenting is involved! Good job!!!

  5. Oh Jen, I loved this post too! And I know what you mean about it going fast. Madeline is only 3 months old(almost), but I already feel like she is changing and growing so quickly. And even though I love more every day, sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep her my baby in my arms,always. Ah! Anyway, sweet, sweet pictures. And, I love his adult-like quotes..he makes me laugh out loud. Happy birthday to your little man!

  6. So very beautifully written. This is a post you’ll want to print and put in Carson’s album so you all can read it when the mood hits.

    He’s a special little guy, I can tell. Your reflections and memories give those of us who don’t really know him a beautiful glimpse of your little man.

    Happy Birthday, Carson!

  7. Great post. You’re so right, our children still really want to please us at that age. If I could just remember this at the peak of my frustration with my three-year old, the world would be a better place. Happy Birthday, Carson!

  8. Happy Birthday Carson!

    Jen, he is such a precious little guy! I love the pucker picture with his puppy dog ears! And, once again, he and Sydney look so much alike! Hope you guys had a wonderful day!

  9. Heavens, even as a baby Carson looked like himself (I can’t figure out how to word that sentence. You know how you can’t tell what some babies will look like? Sigh: stupid 4pm brain drain).

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Carson! What a character and a blessing you are to your friends and family. Keep it up, Mister.

    (And nice work, Mama: I echo Steph’s happy birthing-day sentiments).

  10. What a sweet post, Jen! I love the pictures – so fun to see pictures of Carson when he was just a new little guy. Sounds like you have a very kind and sensitive soul on your hands. Wish I could meet him in person!

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