Green thumb? NOT from his mother.

Here’s some pics of Carson participating in one of his favorite helping activities at Gma Jo-Jo’s. She’s got a bunch of gorgeous flowers in their yard, and last summer he began the routine of helping her water them. He even has his own watering pot. As you can see, he takes it quite seriously!

Inside, Carson thought that Sydney didn’t need a SOLO photo shoot, and asked to hop in.


  1. He looks very studied and thorough in his watering. Judah is the same way up at my mom’s when watering flowers. How do they have that effect on our TurboTots?

    Syd is just a little doll. I want to poke her little belly, cause that’s what baby bellies are for, you know. 🙂

  2. Jen… I have never planted a flower in my life. I love the idea of it. There was one time that I walked into Home Depot and was staring at the flowers. I wanted to buy some, but I was too embarrassed to ask what to do with them. I’m sure if I really wanted to, I’d just have to go online and look up “how to plant a flower.”
    But I haven’t. All that to say…Haley has the same passion as Carson. But she did not get it from me.

    In other news…I LOVE the pic of Sydney and Carson. So cute.

  3. Colin loves to water the plants too. I think there’s some fascination with the water pouring out of a watering can or a hose and the “control” of it in their hands. I like that Carson is still dry in the last shot. Beautiful shots. When it gets cold you can curl up with those and remember the warmth and beauty of late summer.

    How cute are they? They look remarkably alike in this shot.

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