Feeling pretty proud of myself.

I just took this picture about 10 minutes ago, and finished decorating it about 11 minutes ago. I’m extremely paranoid that something is going to happen to it in the next 36 hours. We’re having a little b-day party for Carson on Sunday, but this afternoon was my only chance to get some alone timeContinue reading “Feeling pretty proud of myself.”

Deep [blog] thoughts. By Brazenlilly.

I was talking with two of my blogger friends last night, Kristen and Beth, and I mentioned to them that I have a hard time remembering to blog about anything other than my kids these days. Then I remembered that writing about and posting pictures of my kid was kind of why I started bloggingContinue reading “Deep [blog] thoughts. By Brazenlilly.”

“Mom! My bottom’s not working!” The sequel.

Some of you remember that conversation when C-man was a little constipated. Today we had a variation of it. I heard this from our master bathroom: “Mom! This toilets not working! I need to move to the other potty!” So we moved his bare bum to the toddler pot in the front bathroom. As usualContinue reading ““Mom! My bottom’s not working!” The sequel.”