Before I leave…

I knew I’d better put a quick post up before we leave for the weekend, because my last post has the word “boobs” in it, and no males will comment on that. We are off to WiNeMa this weekend: another camping trip! We’re really looking forward to spending some time at the beach and with Trent’s family. Here’s some pics from the backyard today.


  1. Thanks for the Pix Fix, Jen! I needed that, too! Have a great time at WiNeMa. Roy reminded me that 30 years ago this week you took your first steps in the cabin you will be staying in. How cool is that?!

  2. Jen, they are both so sweet! Hope you guys have a fun vacation at Winema. Oh, the memories…
    BTW–I left the recipes in my comments section. Don’t know if you seriously wanted them, but they’re there anyhow. Love you!

  3. That baby girl of yours is adorable. I love the smile. I think the last time I saw you guys, it was just a little bit of toddler chaos so I didn’t really get to have a good look at her. She is so lovely. Thanks for the pictures. And your story about leaky boobs, cracked me right up. It’s amazing how perspective on urgency changes! Enjoy your camp trip, again… I’m impressed that you’re camping with an infant!

  4. You are the camping family. Maybe you can take Tanner sometime. That might be the only way he will get to go.
    1.Her hat is so cute.
    2. Your eyes look so pretty with you and C-dogg.

    Have fun!

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