I forgot

I forgot to post these cute pics that Mike took of Sydney last month for her birth announcement. It was the day she turned exactly one month, and she’s now 7 weeks, so that quickly they are kind of out-dated. I was bummed because although she looks quite stoic in these shots, a few days later she started busting out the smiles. Oh well! He did a great job. It’s nice what you can choose from in about 250 frames. 😉


  1. I hope you and Trent aren’t done having babies because you sure make some cuties. Will I ever get to hold her?! Please do NOT make me wait for Alumni Games 2012…oh wait, that’s right, you’re
    “conveniently” celebrating the holidays with family at that time of year. Likely story.:)

  2. Okay, so I’m officially stepping out into the open as a stalker. These pictures make is simply impossible to stalk silently. Holy cow – they’re incredible! She’s beautiful and I LOVE her dress. They’re all incredible, but I really love the one of her little hand… Amazing!

  3. Adorable pictures! I’m a sucker for hand pictures. I also like the first one of her with her mouth open. Give her a squeeze for me. What a cutie!

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