You take the good, you take the bad…

…you take ’em both and there you have the facts of life. Ah yes.

Today has been full of both good and bad. I won’t get into all the details (for once) of the bad, but it has to do with frustrations with health insurance and their confusing ways, some of our own mistakes, a lot of money we don’t have but now owe, and some tears on my part. Also, the bad has to do with my precious son who gives me a full-on battle at naptime EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (And before you ask: yes, I’m sure he and I still need him to have it because once he falls asleep he stays asleep for 2 solid hours or until I have to wake him up and then he goes to bed at the normal time AND if he misses his nap he is extremely cranky and irritable for the rest of the day so saying goodbye to naptime is not an option for me right now thank you very much.) Also, he hit his sister in the head. With a boot. On purpose. I witnessed it.


However, there has been some good today as well. We finally put together our new double stroller (thanks Ron and Leota!), which is a “sit ‘n stand” kind. Sydney’s car seat fits in the front, then there is a little jump seat and platform behind her for Carson, who can “sit or stand,” thus the brand name. Yesterday we went for a walk as a family and today I took both kids on a walk to Wallgreens to buy stamps and stickers. Carson did a great job staying on the stroller (when he gets off it ceases to be a “walk” and becomes a “dawdle”) and I got some exercise. It was a positive experience all around.


Also, Sydney is starting to smile more, but we have to really work for them! But it is quite fun. The lighting and everything in these pictures is horrible, but it was one of those “quick–grab the camera!” diaper changes and I just wanted to try to catch the facial expression. Didn’t have time to worry about photo quality! My caption for this first one is: “Rock on!” Carson told me she is saying, “To infinity…and beyond!”


  1. I am sorry about the boot to the head.
    I am wondering what kind of double stroller we should get?

    I would love to see a baby picture of Carson and one of Sydney side by side. DO you think they look alike?
    I love you-SL

  2. Something’s in the air today because our Monday has been a bust as well. Girl, I’m right there with you about Health Insurance. I would RELISH reading your story (if it’s something you can post). My fav part about dealing with all that stuff is that you also have TWO kids to manage while spending time on the phone…mission impossible. Oh, and I agree with you about nap time. Don’t listen to what anyone else says, they DO still need one at that age. No judgment to any other mom out there, but you keep at it. It’s worth it. He needs it and you need it. Ped’s say they should outgrow naps right around 4 and I’m just now experiencing this with Big E. So, hang in there. In my book, you’re a super hero. (But hey, if you don’t feel like having the nap time battle, don’t fret…we’ve ALL been there. Some days you do what you gotta do!)

  3. I back woosterweester all the way! They just hit a stage where it’s not as automatic to fall asleep and so they actually have to use a bit of self-control, and for some of our wee ones, that’s not something they enjoy. Thus the battle. But stick at it–all three of mine (7, 5, and 3) still take a nap during the summer months. And we are all happier campers for it!

  4. I second that! Naps are essential, if for no other reason than for mommy to get a little “me time”. Sadia will be 4 in October, and I am proud to say that she’ll be taking naps well into her teens if I have anything to do with it! LOL

    As for the medical insurance thing.., I am appreciative of the institution of insurance on the rare occasions when we need it. However, for ever other time they’ve been a thorn in my side. I feel your frustration even though I don’t know the whole story. Hang in there.

    My favorite shot is the last one. She looks so cute and coy. You go girl!

  5. Oh Jen, I know what you mean about the fighting the nap thing—AND—the meaning well, but totally annoying “maybe you should try skipping the nap all together” comments.

    Every time Emily forfeits a nap I just start dreaming at what kind of career or purpose she will have in her future for the kind of alertness the kid has!

    YAY for smiles! I bet they just melt your heart!

  6. Jen. You are doing a great job. Your kids adore you. I do too. :o)

    Sorry about the insurance thing. I was bummin’ today because I couldn’t get in to see my doctor and had to pay $50 at Urgent Care. I thought of you. Stupid Insurance.

    I’m glad you got your walk. A little sunshine always helps.

    We had a rough day around here too…no boots to the head…but towards the end of the day I just accepted it as “one of those days”…and the good thing is, tomorrow is new. I hope tomorrow is a good day for you. For everyone. Love you.

    And p.s. – you will NEVER hear me say that a kid should give up their nap. I plan for my kids to take naps all through elementary school! :o) hehehe

  7. First of all…NAPS! Ahhh, the sweet silence, don’t give it up too easily 🙂 Two of my three nap daily, and Lexi gives into the sleep about once a week. Sleepy or no sleepy, my kids all spend 2 hours in their rooms for quiet time every day, for MY SANITY! That’s when we make the wonderful phone calls to the lovely insurance companies 🙂 I’m sorry you had a “Facts of Life Day”…they happen to all of us! Sydney’s sweet smiles are precious though! I love the bottom one with her little tongue.

  8. I’m so sorry Jen! Insurance is so often more confusing than it is helpful and boots-in-the-head days are just not fair for mommies. Though I can’t relate with 2, I will say HANG IN THERE! And also, YAY for great pictures! I love Syd’s smiles!

  9. you have a friend named Leota? That is my middle name and I’ve never heard it before. I got it from a great Aunt. 🙂

    I used to be a nanny for kids where the 3 years old girls would bite and pinch her baby brother. She thought she was being sly and didn’t know why we would catch her… but she always had the mean look on her face. Anyways, they are now in college and BEST FRIENDS. Carson will outgrow it. Until that time, hang in there.

    I wish I could still take a nap every day…

  10. First, LOVE the smiles! Second, I second everyone that says naps should be in place for as long as possible. Naps are SACRED. How would we blog without naps?

    Hope you will be taking more good than bad in the very near future.

    Oh, and I have the Facts of Life song stuck in my head right now. It’s so catchy I’ll be singing it all day. Not sure how I feel about that…

  11. the nap battle. The Thompsons are sadly aware of that one. I am sure you have tried a million things and won’t pretend I’m the first (or last) to share how we dealt with it, but on the off chance it helps, well you just never know…

    What finally worked for us when Ethan quit staying down for naps was to turn up the stubborn streak and the thick skin, then gently, but with firmness go back in, turn off the light, and put him back in his bed EVERY time he got up out of it. This went on for hours at a time for around 10 days.

    I’m talking two hours straight of me or Sarah sitting by his door waiting for him to get up, going into his room, putting him back in bed, lather rinse repeat. We did not yell, we did not curse (ok, in my head I did!)

    After many attempts and nearly giving up, one day he got it. Somehow in his head he said “oh, they aren’t giving in on this one” and he started to nap. Of course it still takes a long pre-nap ritual (books, songs, prayer, …) and we still have to put him back down when he gets up, but it is MUCH better now!

    Hang in there!!

  12. Good for you for taking time to enjoy the good during the bad! I love those precious moments with the kids like a good walk, or trip to the grocery store when everyone is content and having a great time. 🙂

    And naps…my sister in law recommended this book when Mikayla was real small (she was a horrible sleeper before this, now both kids are awesome!) But I have never read a book that was so explanatory, practical and that just made sense. I’ve tried Baby Wise and Happiest Baby and all that but they’re not the same. This one deals with all stages and aspects of kid’s sleep from newborn to adolescence. Hopefully it can help: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth.

  13. Incidentally, we have “Nap time/Quiet Time” at our house … because everyone needs it. Often the older two don’t nap, but they have to play quietly and alone.

    You ARE doing an amazing job. And this is as difficult as it’s going to be.

    The days are long, but the years are short.

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