Best Buds

The other day we heard someone reference their “best friend” and I asked Carson who his best friend was. I was curious, because we’ve never used that specific term before. Without hesitating, he said “Ethan and Henry and Nate.” I thought it was really sweet. Those four boys are all within 10 months of each other and have been basically been forced together since birth. Since their parents get along so well (and some of us are pretty much related), we foster and nourish the friendship as much as possible.
These just happen to be some great pictures we have of Ethan and Carson in the hospital room after Sydney was born. As all toddlers are, some playdates can be more fighting than playing, but this particular day the boys were living up to their best friend status. I love the images of them together and the love they have for each other. We’ll have to get the camera out more often to capture all the boys together, even their newest comrade Jack.


  1. Awww….you gotta be one proud Mom!

    Very cool story….too bad they grow up so doggone fast!

    I was out of town when beautiful Sydney was born…I never had a chance to congratulate you on her arrival. I’m thrilled for the four of you. I’m sure by now some of the tough early adjustments are behind you.

    Can’t wait for you guys to come to CA and I might get a chance to meet both of your kids. Hopefully before they enter college!!!

  2. Sweet boys…I love that they love each other! Henry can’t wait to see Carson today! Also, you didn’t do your annual “Birthday Post.” What’s up with that?

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