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I’ve been having some warm fuzzy feelings lately (perhaps some extra hormones running around? maybe?) about my alma mater and my fellow college alumni. It’s been almost 10 years (!!!) since I graduated, and we’ve remainded very close with a few friends, which is a huge blessing in our lives. We use any extra penny to save up and visit them in other states. However, there were many other friends–and some aquaintances–outside of this closeknit circle that I really enjoyed, but didn’t keep in contact with very well. In the last several months, the blog world and Facebook have opened doors to reconnect to some wonderful people.
One especially fun aspect of this is finding out how many of my former dorm-mates are enduring the trials and joys of motherhood at the same time as me. You have no idea what a guilty relief it was today to read Shoobs and Sarah bemoaning the post-baby body and it’s the havoc it wreaks on one’s self-esteem, because they are both dealing with infants as well. Some of the girls were a little older than me, like Lisa and Edie, and were established students when I started school. (Lisa was my first RA!) I looked up to them and it is so cool that we are now friends. Jen W. was one of my first friends at college–she met me during orientation and convinced me to join the fledgling volleyball team and stuck by me through a rough year, even though our coach was Viola Swamp and I was not near as good as the rest of the team. I don’t have time to mention all of them…just go check out their pages!
On my list of links, the following are college buds: Angie, CT, Dionne, Dr. Don (actually a prof, director of Ekklesia and kind of dad-away-from-home), Edie, Jen W, JJ, Johnsons, Julie, Kristi, Lisa P, Lyons, Ms. Di, Stephie Shoobs and Townes. Also, for all of you who know them, we had Christi and Seth over for dinner last night, b/c we were thrilled to find out they live about 20 minutes from us! (I wish I had taken a picture, because they both look fantastic and have 2 cute kids.) It’s so fun to reconnect with people that we liked, but just never spent a lot of time with during school. So, someone tell Rheada, Kellianne, Wendy and Carolina to get with the program and start blogging! Fellow alumns, are there any blogs I’m missing?


  1. Gosh! This post inspires me. I’ve never been big on reconnecting with people, but I am slowly learning. I love that the internet has made the world such a small place. I love that I can keep track of friends from afar, yet feel so close to them through their experiences. I love that you have grown so much, and feel compelled to share your growth with us. In some way, reading your (and others’) blogs makes me feel apart of something bigger. I don’t know Jen, somehow our hormones have synced up or something, because I’m feeling the fuzziness too!

  2. goodnesss… if you made DIONNE feel the warm fuzzies then there must be some cosmic energy at work here!

    I have so many dorm memories with you. Forever memories that make me smile. BTW… I still laugh when you told me in all seriousness that forevermore I’m not allowed to watch While You Were Sleeping (remember how that movie nearly gave me a nervous breakdown?)

    And, yes, those friends AND EMBER need to start a blog!

  3. Love this, Jen! And on my blog, I have links to Carrie and Allison. But if we’re making a list of people we want to hear from:

    Becca, Erica, and Angela are at the top of my list!

  4. Speaking of PCC/HIU – I spoke with Dr. Gary Tiffin this week, Jen (he’s at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, and he spoke highly of you and said to say Hello.

  5. I have a blog that I haven’t updated in almost 2 months….but I will soon be complaining about a post baby body in hopefully less than 15 days!!!! Where I am right now with the back pain, potty breaks and swollen ankles, feet and hands I think I’d still pick the post baby body than the 9 months pregnant one! This is Kristin Sesate… Kristin Shea. My blog has privacy restrictions, but I will send an invite to anyone that wants one!

  6. JEn I just love you too and have felt the same way lately. It has been so fun getting back in touch with people I had such wonderful memories with.
    Rebecca Snavely has a blog (it’s one of my links) other than that I will holla too for Wendy and those girls to get it going!!

  7. Well said Jen!! I truly never thought I’d reconnect to all these PCC-ers in this way again, and I’m so blessed for it. 🙂

    I have to give a shout-out to Julie (smith) for finding me in cyberspace and encouraging me to not only get on facebook but blog, too. I’m only about 1 month in, but I’m sooooo glad to have done it. I love reconnecting w/ everyone, and seeing the growing families. It’s so precious.

    BTW, did anyone mention the wooldridges blog?

  8. Great post, Jen. It’s amazing how these college connections just seemed to explode the past couple months! Initially, I was so resistant to facebook and blogging but I’m beginning to love it for the relationship factor. So great to connect with you again!!

  9. Hi, All! I just want to first say, I think that is me standing to the right of Jen with my head cut off, in the baby shower birthing picture. I had on that over sized Red, Black and White sweater! I do not know why I loved that so much!
    Those were very fun memories!

    Well, I did it! I started a blog! So here is the link, Sorry my first post is long, but I am just figuring all of this blog stuff out!

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