Gonna have to take a detour from the routine post & pics because my precious firstborn has, in these troubled times, used his master hiding skills to find new homes for the camera battery AND our TV remote control. The remote has nothing to do with the blog, just another minor inconvenience in my life. Yes, I won’t go into TOO much detail (I mean, I’m still ME), but I will say that when recalling the transition to his new sis, I believe I will usually begin the story with “Carson had a rough time….” He LOVES his sis, don’t get me wrong. In fact, he LOVES her so hard sometimes that I think he is going to squeeze the life out of her, or as he’s giving her so many kisses he then sneezes in her face. Just like all the parenting experts warn, he’s regressed in a few areas, like sleeping through the night, potty training, and general socially acceptable behavior. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and today Grandma has taken him for some fun time and attention, and we’ll all be thrilled to be back together this evening.
On another note, I am totally and madly in love with my little girl! I wish I had new pics to post, just in case you like looking at her as much as I do. My friend Rheada told me that the Lord blessed her with a mellow baby girl after blessing her with a wild child big brother, and SO FAR it seems I’ve received a similar gracioius gift. Sydney is a baby, so she does cry and fuss, but she is primarily a really easy baby. Usually when she’s fussy (it’s rarely a full-on cry) she just wants to be held or is hungry. And she spends lots of time each day just looking around at the world, content. CONTENT! It’s a totally new concept for me as a parent.
So as not to seem like I’m dissing on my boy, I did want to share a really cute thing that has happened this last week. I don’t know where he came up with it, but Carson made up a little nickname for Sydney. He calls her Booboo. (Pronounced booBOO.) It is usually said while his chubby little palms are squeezing her cheeks and he is gritting his teeth in intense adoration, raising his voice at least an octave. “HI BooBOO! HI! HI!” Can’t help but love these two!


  1. I know we love looking at Syd as much as you do!!! I couldn’t get over her on Saturday – how sweet and content and adorable she is!! Sorry Carson’s giving you a “time.” He just loves you so much – wants you all to himself! 🙂 It is super-cute to see him with Syd, though. It is evident he sure loves her. I have this picture in my head of Carson at 16…he’ll be totally laid back, hard to wake up in the morning, contemplative…and we’ll all think back and have a good laugh. Yes?

    I love you, friend! And I love calling baby girl, “Syd!!” 🙂

  2. We went through the very same thing with Elliott when Wesley was born…hang in there. It gets better!
    Also, I know you are busy, but I would love to see a video of the “booBoo” scenario! In my head I hear Carson’s voice from the “bapa Roy” video.

  3. Jen,

    I was just re-reading parts of “Parenting Isn’t for Cowards”, the chapter on power struggles, and when I read your post, it reminded me of that. I wonder who teaches kids the art of the power struggle? I know that mine had it down pat before I even knew what it was!

    Alexa, for instance, was always gentle and kind with Silas, but took all of her insecurities of having a new baby around out on me. Very interesting. Tough, but interesting. I agree with linz–it does get better!

  4. Sydney sounds a lot like Madeline.. I’m so glad we both got easy going babies! I can’t wait to see more pictures, and hopefully see her in person someday soon!

  5. Yeah Jen…it’s fun to hear the updates.

    As far as needing attention goes…it never fades. I relish every moment I have one kid by herself. It reminds me of all the precious, good qualities that each of my children have. Sometimes those good qualities get a bit disguised when they are together…fighting for attention…fighting for toys…fighting each other…etc. etc.

    It’s sweet to hear that in the midst of the chaos…and the “rough times”…Carson seems to love her as much as you do!

  6. The car seat covers are from Pottery Barn Kids. Kristen got them on sale. One was India’s and the other was Jafta’s old car seat. He is in a big boy booster now!

  7. Lovin’ the updates! C-dawg and Syd are so blessed to have a fun, patient mom like you. I’ll keep praying that you get good sleep; it makes a world of difference especially when trying not to lose your cool over toddler regressions. Thank goodness they’re only temporary and that before you know it things will be running smoothly again. If you’re ever headed through Lake Oswego, let us know. We’d love to have you in for mom’s lunch and some kid love! Elisha and Eva would be thrilled.

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