Starting tomorrow…

Starting tomorrow, the honeymoon is over and I officially have to begin learning how to be a mommy of 2 kids with a husband who works. Trent’s 2 week baby-break is over and he’s going back to work. He has been such a huge help, so I’m kind of nervous. The biggest issue is when I’m feeding Sydney, Carson turns into a total needy, whiny baby. Also, he is not content unless is in LITERALLY on top of us. Both of us. I’d been warned about this common toddler problem, so we are taking steps to counteract, like we are renting new movies for him from Netflix that he can only watch when Sydney’s eating. We are planning to get him a new toy (or box of old toys?) that he can only play with when I’m feeding her. (Someone suggested a Mr. Potato head.)
Also, as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m nervous about the sleep thing. Already the kids have coordinated their subconscious evil little inner-sleep-clocks to totally sabotage me. For instance, Sydney is awake from 4-5:45 am, Carson wakes up at 6:05. Or, the day I thought for SURE I would get a nap, Carson decided to have a total and complete naptime meltdown, and after an hour of getting him to go down, Sydney woke up hungry.
However, this weekend I got sick and it put things into perspective. I had a bad cold and then on Saturday night I had a high fever, chills, shakes and body aches. I could barely hold Sydney. It was miserable! It reminded me that things can always get worse! I may be tired, but at least I’m usually healthy.
I’ll probably have some fun stories to share about my new life adventure, but who knows if I’ll have time to sit down and blog about them!?! Here’s some pictures of Sydney this weekend in a cute outfit borrowed from Abby.


  1. Hang in there, Jen! It’s only going to get easier from here. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    Incidentally, I am pretty sure that from very early on (like, now), siblings plot in their secret-sibling-way to keep mom from sleeping too well. They’re planning on overtaking the world, and a sleep deprived momma is not as efficient at stopping their plans, you know.


  2. Oh man. You are reminding me of those first few weeks with two…it is hard. But you will get through it!!! I wish I had some secrets for you. But the toys are a good idea. Maybe a snack? Any way you could sit outside and let Carson play while you feed Sydney? The trick is just keeping him busy. I tried to read books to Haley while I was feeding too…

    I hope everything goes easier than you think it will. She is beautiful Jen! And you are doing great!
    I hope you are feeling better too.

    When life calms down here, I am coming up to see you!

  3. Hey! I know it can feel like you’re underwater trying to come up for air with two. Things that helped me:
    1. Lowering my expectations. I had to remember that EVERYONE was going through an adjustment, Elisha and Eva included. I had to ease up on myself and realize Supermom only had to be mom. And even that I wasn’t going to do perfectly every time.
    2. Accepting all the help I could get, even if it seemed silly i.e. someone coming to fold laundry or just stopping in to say hi and give me contact with the outside world!
    3. Giving myself permission to cry and feel overwhelmed and then enjoying each moment for what it was. In the process I learned to lean on God’s grace in a whole new way. And He was right there to meet me everytime.
    I remember being pretty terrified of Lee going back to work too. I think we even met him for lunch the first day!:) Just remember that all moms have been there and it’s completely therapeutic to talk about it! Praying for you today!!!!
    P.S. You have every right to throw my advice right back at me in a few months.:)

  4. I hope you don’t mind me following your blog! I’ll send you an email so you can see ours 🙂 Mikayla had the same reaction every time I had to feed Lucas, so I bought a ton of new books for her and that was a good time to read to her, so she was close but occupied. I’m sure you know but those first few weeks are just hard, regardless of what you do, but take time to just breathe and taket all in 🙂

    Kara Looney (Christian)

  5. I have no advice ’cause I don’t know! What I DO know is you ROCK. 🙂 I’m sorry you got sick!! I hope you’re feeling better and that today was at least somewhat smooth sailing for you. Keeping you in our prayers! Love the pics of Syd. She looks so contemplative! Takin’ it all in…not so sure about it… BTW, Henry woke up today asking, “Cawson?” 🙂

  6. Hey Jen! Hang in there, my dear! I so remember when Kevin had to head back to work and I was home with a 3 year old and two babies! I was petrified! Just know that this time will be over and will seem like just a blur! You are doing such a good job and I know you’ll make it through this time too! I think the advice above was great to give yourself permission to cry when you need to! I remember Kevin coming home from work and the babies and I would all be crying – he didn’t know who to hug and rock first! (Note to Trent: Hug the mom first – she usually still needs to get in the shower!) Sigh… Hang in there and I’ll be praying for you! I think this stage was about the time when I started praying over my kids NOT to remember ALL of the details of their childhood. I love you guys! Mrs. M

  7. Hang in there Jen. This too shall pass. I had a similar experience with my second child. When she was about 2 wks old I had chills, shakes, and dizziness. The doctor said I had an anxiety attach. Of course the prescribed cure was, “get more sleep”. LOL When he said that to me, I remember looking at him cynically while the thoughts, “Is that some kind of cruel joke.” flashed through my head. My one solace was my belief that after having given birth, mommys produce some kind of super hormone–something like a B12 shot on steroids–that gives them that extra boost to work through the fatigue. The one drawback, is finding the off switch, or knowing when to take a time-out and rely more on the help of family members. 🙂 Your children are gorgeous. It’s good to see you all are doing well.

  8. btw…I don’t know if this advise would work for a boy, but whenever I would nurse my second, I would pull up a tiny little rocking chair for my 3 year old, she would grab a baby doll, and nurse her baby at the same time. When it was time to burp Simone, my three year old would pick-up her baby doll and burp it as well. It kept her busy and included, but again, not sure how that would pan out with a boy??? 😉

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