11 days old

So, of COURSE I jinxed myself after my last post. The last 2 nights Trent and I had to take turns trying to get Sydney to go back to sleep! So much for the dream sleeper. BUT, she still is more mellow in her refusal to sleep. She grunts and fusses and sometimes cries, but she very rarely is a screamer, which is shockingly kinder to a parent’s nervous system than the alternative. Hmmmm. Deep in thought. Probably wondering when that fast, hyper thing with blonde hair is going to come back and attack.
I’m not sure why her little chin is all red, but if you look closely, we think there’s some red in her hair too.
So, usually a blog is for posting opinions, thoughts, stream of consciousness type things: events of one’s life at the current time; stories and anecdotes, etc. Well, the thing is, many of the events and details about the end of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and being a postpartum mother are not exactly appropriate fodder for a public blog. After going through this a second time, I’ve decided that this process is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. So, although I am now issuing a disclaimer that some semi-private issues are going to be discussed, I will attempt to avoid total disclosure and embarassment of blogger and reader by avoiding certain taboo topics. However, there are some things that are fair game.
And one of those things is the post-baby belly. What the HECK!? I remember the first time around, I couldn’t believe no one told me that you leave the hospital still looking 6 months pregnant. It was a shocker. The baby is gone, along with all that amniotic fluid, and quite a bit of blood. What is left to make it still protrude so stubbornly? But worse than the size is the substance. Seriously, it’s like bread dough. Not the firm, thumpable watermelon that you entered with. Actually, when I lay on my back, it all but disappears, which is awesome–just to be able to lay on my back at all is great. But stand back up and you’ve got an big lump of dough hanging on your abdomen. Obviously, nature takes over and it starts to shrink eventually. The thing is, from my own personal experience, I cannot for the life of me remember how quickly that happened. Last time, it was a chilly autumn when this happened, so I was able to hide behind zip up sweatshirts for weeks. This time we’ve had temps in the 80’s nad 90’s and all I want to wear are tank tops, which are NOT forgiving to size large muffin top tummies. I’m trying to be patient and I’m certainly not ready to start dieting, but I am anxious for the day when I don’t feel the need to take my newborn everywhere in order to prevent the dreaded question: When is your baby due? Oh, you know–she’s ALREADY BORN! Sigh.


  1. Hang in there, Jen. You’ll get your bod back before you know it! Thanks for posting new pix of Syd with her eyes open! Love ’em! Gma Jo Jo

  2. Oh do I remember that feeling.. I brought a regular sized shirt to the hospital thinking I would be able to fit into it after the birth…and to my surprise I could hardly get the shirt over my newly inflated milk makers! 🙁 I had to go home in the shirt I wore coming in. 🙁
    I think you look great! I am so glad that we were able to catch you yesterday. 🙂 I hope your dinner was edible. Cason would not stop talking about Carson. “I want to see Carson” is all I heard for about mmm a half hour.

  3. I’ve just been catching up on the last few days…

    First of all, the video of Carson is too cute! I love that he is telling Sydney stories. 🙂

    Second, post-baby tummy sucks. BUT. If I remember correctly, I remember blinking after Carson was born and you no longer had yours. And this time, you have Carson to chase after, so it will probably be more of a eye twitch.

    Third, I LOVE YOU! Hang in there! Before we know it, Sydney will be on her way to celebrating HER third birthday (OMG!) and you’ll be long content in your sleeping habits.

    See you soon!

  4. Um…Lexi is 2 years old, and I still have a doughy stomach. Did you get stretch marks? Because I’m quite sure the best thing Haley ever said to me was “Why does your stomach look like a spider mommy?”

    I should be trying to encourage you…I guess it didn’t turn out that way…just wanted you to know that we’re in this together. 🙂

  5. Jen, you had me cracking up, only because I remember Haley telling me she thought she’d fit right back into a bikini after she had Austin. Uh, surprise, it didn’t work that way. With that knowledge tucked away in my mind I did not pack one to the hospital when I had either one of my girls. I did however, get my abs back and you will too. It takes 6 weeks for everything to “deflate” as it were. From there, your good eating habits and some great ab exercises will take you the rest of the way in no time. I wish we lived closer so we could do them together! I have some great alternatives to “crunches” and as I’m studying more for my Personal Training test I’ll let you know any other tidbits. Whoah, time to cut off the comment now, gettin a little long winded. But one more thing: I guarantee you look better than you think you do. Now, if you’ve got a solution for little spider veins, let me know. Otherwise I may have to laser those puppies off someday!:)

  6. I love it … bread dough is the PERFECT comparison. Be comforted that you are not alone! (I’m definitely taking comfort here, thanks!!)

    Congrats! Your babies are beautiful! LOVE the name Sydney!

  7. A nice muffin top of bread dough! HA! I’m right there with Kristi. I like to think of the stretch marks as a road map of sorts. I love the pictures of Sydney! So cute!

  8. I feel your pain friend!! I knew it would be like this, but the reality of it is quite depressing. Sydney is adorable, and her disposition sounds a LOT like Madeline! I can’t wait for them to meet! Love you!

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