Recent Carsonisms

“Woody isn’t a bad guy. He’s a happy guy.”*“I wanna play games on the pooter.”*In the bathtub:”Whoa, Mom. I have a funny pee-pee. It’s like a hot dog!”*Almost every night at dinner, spoken like a grown-up:”So, how was your work, Dad?”*“You always say ‘shhh’ and I don’t like it.”*Two weeks before Sydney was born: “WhyContinue reading “Recent Carsonisms”

Gonna have to take a detour from the routine post & pics because my precious firstborn has, in these troubled times, used his master hiding skills to find new homes for the camera battery AND our TV remote control. The remote has nothing to do with the blog, just another minor inconvenience in my life.Continue reading

Making a conscious effort

It is already painfully obvious to me how the old stereotype of firstborn children receiving more attention (especially as babies) has become so prevalent in our society. There’s just no denying it…parents will never be able to give as much undivided time and attention to their other kids as babies as they did to theirContinue reading “Making a conscious effort”