Different Camera

Here are some more pics from Sydney’s birthday. These are from our camera, so they are when she was really FRESH! Carson was a little unsure, but very excited to meet his little sis. He was with Gma Tompkins in Winco when they got the call, and she said he was jumping up and down and screaming all over the place. When they walked into the hospital room just a couple hours later, he looked at me in the bed with some curiosity, but kept on walking past me towards the little bundle in Daddy’s arms. As he walked past he said with a very serious face, wanting to give me the update: “Mom. Sydney’s here.” It was funny. I told him I had heard that rumor.

Getting cleaned off. “This is definitely a step down from my last digs.” Just about 20 minutes old.
Hat. Diaper. Security tags.
Brother, meet sister!Love at first sight.Whoa!Hmmm. Interesting.OK! I will take her!
Our new fam.


  1. I love everything about this post! The brand new fresh out of the oven baby pics. The big brother meeting his baby sister pics. The new family of FOUR! You look amazing!

  2. Okay… how can you look so good 20 minutes after giving birth?! You truly look like you are glowing, where’s your pale, chubby face?! I suppose that may just what I look like after childbirth.(:

    I love the Carson and Sydney pictures and the new family of four picture. You guys are so lovely, congrats again,


  3. I am so in tears. I love your little family of 4! You guys are all so beautiful and we love you so much.Carson has so much love as he looks at Sydney P. I love it.

  4. Oh my blessed soul! This is just fabulous — praise Jesus! You look like a truly beautiful (and larger) family – now four! God Bless!!
    Jan Lefebvre

  5. Ethan said the following today:
    I go see baby sindy. I want to see sindy. sindy a nice baby. We’re keeping you in our prayers. Love you all!

  6. You couldn’t be more perfect. I hope everyone is adjusting quickly and you are getting as much sleep as you possibly can! :o) Please please please tell me Sydney likes sleep as much as you do???!!! :o)

    We love you guys…

  7. This is a time you will always remember. Take care of yourself as you enjoy this special time with your little ones. Thanks for sharing your story as you journey through motherhood!
    Love you all!

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