Hurry up and wait.

As requested by Rory, here’s a brief baby update. Warning: medical/anatomical jargon to follow, possibly TMI for some readers.

Went to the doc this morning and I am “a good 3 cm” dilated and the cervix is “softening up really nicely” to at least 60% effaced. I even had a contraction while being measured, but I’ve been having them off and on for a while. All this confirms that my body is indeed getting ready and making progress week by week, but by no means does this mean Sydney’s arrival is imminent. However, the doctor does think she’ll come before the proposed induction day of July 7 or 8. She said I should have my hospital bag packed. The bad news is baby is facing the wrong way. Head is down (not breech), but she is facing up, which is what happened with Carson. This increases my back pain now and really increases it during labor. Last time the doctor basically had to physically reach in and turn him while I was pushing. FUN! So, I’m supposed to spend some time on my hands and knees and hope gravity helps. I figured Carson will love that game. That’s all I got for now! I’ll try to post any updates. Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Jen,
    My empathies — Mandy was the exact same position! So here’s some more TMI — squatt when you feel a contraction. It worked for Mandy when I was in heavy labor – she flipped! Really! And squatting is the way pretty much the rest of the world works in this area!! Hang in There Mommy!!

  2. AAAAHHHH! I want to say, hold her in!!! But I won’t. I remember the feeling of just being ready to have my body back. Sigh. One way or the other, I’m sure I’ll see you next week!

  3. The end is in sight! I know everyday feels like an eternity. Hang in there. I will say that I was so glad I did a couple of really special Mommy and Wes days before Wyatt arrived. We also did one or two fun family outings before our family expanded. Can’t wait to hear more TMI about Sydney’s birth!

  4. Oh man. I am going to pray for you as soon as I am done commenting here….I remember how rough the last labor was. I truly hope you won’t have to go through ANY of that again. Oh wait…except for the part of actually pushing the baby out. Yes, I do want that to happen. Anyway…it is very exciting to know that you are that far along already. She’s almost here Jen! I will hereby make sure my cell phone is constantly charged and awaiting your call.
    Love you madly,

  5. Jen,

    You are going to make it! The light is at the end of the tunnel, and as my doctor told me, with second babies, your body does a lot of advanced prep so that when labor starts, it’s actually faster because your body has a headstart. That was true for me–Alexa was born two hours and 48 minutes after my first contraction. I wish this for you!

    And Diane, I learned that the cm’s are measured by finger widths. Nice, eh?

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