Flower Power Shower

A couple weekends ago, the Girls (Becky, Sarah, Steph and Jenna) threw me a perfect shower. We’re trying to tone it down a little with the second babies, so this was basically a glorified “family” shower. But, I’m not exactly sure how they toned it down. 🙂 Check out this spread! My FAVORITE part was the flower cookie boquets. Zoom in for closer admiration. They were so yummy, and the girls MADE these the day before…WITH their children in the same house!

This is the only acceptable photo of me. I’m holding the quilt my mom made for Sydney to match the colors in her room. I have a very similar photo from almost 3 years ago, where I’m holding a blue homemade quilt whilst getting a little choked up. She also made a new Minkee for the new baby, much to Carson’s amusement. I’ll have to take a picture of that too. We call it Pinky Minkee.

Here’s some of the fam: Sis-in-law Jess, Mom-in-law Linda and Sis-in-law Michelle. (We missed ya, Tara!)

Thanks everyone!


  1. You are torturing this preggo lady by posting pictures of food on your blog. If it continues I may have to put the smackdown (or at least put in a special order)!
    Only a couple weeks left until Sydney’s here, right? Can’t wait!!!!

  2. Wow. I feel like we’re goddess cookie makers. 🙂 Just felt compelled to say WE LOVE YOU and wouldn’t have done any less for you. Yay, Sydney! Don’t come out unless I’m in town!

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