Oh, the TRAUMA

Carson’s hair was getting really long and hard to manage. I like a little bit of big boy hair–I mean, it took 2 years for him to have ANY–but I thought maybe it was time for a short, low-maintenance, summer cut. My mom has usually cut his hair, and it’s not always been a breeze. So, I suggested I’d like her to try using the clippers (electric razor thing) instead of scissors. It will be easier and quicker, RIGHT? Carson will think it’s cool, RIGHT? Here’s a little video Grandpa made of how UNcool he thought it was. We even gave him a tray full of magnets to play with AND a popsicle. No dice. 2 disclaimers. First, just so you know, we DID let him look at the clippers, touch them, feel them, see how they worked on grandpa, etc. We didn’t just spring it on them. And it didn’t hurt him–even though he thought it did. Second, I have a hard time watching myself in this video because while I’m SO HUGE! I think the extra chin is emphasized when wrestling a crying kid into your lap. OK, I just had to get that out. Pity party over. Five more weeks. Come on, Sydney!


  1. If it makes you feel any better…Isaac WAS the exact same way! I even tried those chilren’s haircut places where they sit in a powerwheel thing…nada! The answer was Mimi’s kitchen (which you are already doing) and a coveted toy, as a reward for no tears. A plastic dinosaur, a new Cars figurine, a mini basketball…you get the idea. He played with the toy during the haircut, and only got to take it home if he was good (otherwise it stayed at Mimi’s for next time). So, that’s my 2 cents.

    The finished product is adorable by the way! What a handsome little guy.

  2. you do look wonderful… and that was a really creative way to put together the video. i think he’ll live through that trauma without needing therapy. 😉

  3. You look awesome! Seriously, I am not pregnant and have a double chin ALL the time. My brothers even named it – Freddy.

  4. Besides the video being absolutely adorable, I CAN’T BELIEVE ONLY 5 WKS TIL SYDNEY IS HERE!!! I know it seems like forever still, especially the last few weeks, but oh I would SO trade you right now! Please lie to me and say it goes by fast…:)

  5. During the video, I just kept thinking how pretty you look! That color is a good one on you.

    I love the drama in Carson’s many faces. We use treats to bribe Nate too.

    We’ll be in The Dalles this weekend so Sat. night won’t work for me… hopefully sometime next week we’ll get to see you.

    love ya,

  6. You: gorgeous! Fantastic color, and the “I’ve got a bebe girly in my belly” glow is just adorable.

    Him: hilarious! He seriously looks betrayed. What worked for us was strapping Judah into his highchair and putting it on a stepstool (key element) in front of the TV (key feature) while playing a movie involving some kind of car chase. “The Italian Job” worked quite nicely. And when he was too little to pick up on words we’d use “The Transporter”. Because all boys like fast moving pretty cars. 🙂

    What actually works best for me now is having my hubby do it. 😀

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