Swimming Lessons!

These last two weeks, Carson and Trent took a parent/tot swimming lesson at one of the local pools. The classes are every night a week for 2 weeks! I think the main goal (at least, our main goal) was for Carson to have a positive experience in the water and get comfortable being there, even eventually going underwater. These are pics from the first night, and you can see he was holding onto Daddy pretty tight!
There was lots of splashing and kicking…

and jumping! Carson was probably the biggest one in the class, which ranges from infants to 3 years old, I think. There was one girl older than him, but she was smaller.

These videos are from Wednesday night. This first one you can see Trent trying to get him to put his face underwater, and Carson’s answer with his shaking head!

But eventually…they did it! Sorry the quality of the videos is showing so poorly.

Tonight was our last night and they gave out certificates of completion. All the classes stood around soaking wet and they called out “Carson T. has completed level one!” and we walked up to get his certificate while people clapped. He was pretty proud! I cracked up when I saw the names of the different levels, referring to the skill learned, like: float and stroke, freestyle, etc. Level one? “Bubbles” WOOHOO!


  1. we hear stories from your perspective, but here we see that trent is such a good daddy! not that i’m surpirsed of course, but it’s touching to see him respecting carson’s fears and then being so happy with him. good stuff. i don’t know why but there is always something really touching about good fathers.

  2. Ah, swim lessons. Those first few times under are all the same: they get caught by surprise and when they come up, your cheering and smiling face are to convince them that, indeed, they are ok!

    Great stuff.

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