Who knew?

It turns out that Portland has a pretty awesome children’s museum. For some reason, I’ve never really had a desire to go, b/c I figured most of the activities would be for preschool and up. I was mistaken! The other day three 2-yr-olds went with their baby sister, baby brother, cousin and mommies to the museum, in part to celebrate Nate and Becky’s same day b-day. (We were missing the fourth musketeer: Henry!) This place was full of things to touch and experience, and it was perfect for toddlers.

This room is called The Dig Pit. Pretty much a little boys dream land.

And the construction room.
Carson lasted about 2 minutes during story time.
All three boys contentedly playing in one place! This didn’t happen a lot, so it was fun to catch it on film.
This is where you get to paint your face! Every morning Carson asks if he can put my make-up on, and finally he had some of his own!

This is inside the pretend ambulance.
Dr. Tompkins, MD?

This was the water room, which was a huge hit for Carson and Nate. Ethan wasn’t as excited about it.

He was having so much fun he was just wandering around, not sure where to go!


  1. Hooray! We love that place! So funny, we were there like last Thursday…we probably just missed each other. I love the C video! Elisha will be excited to have a new clip to watch. And maybe, just maybe she’ll be persuaded to try another area there BESIDES the stage of the theatre. sigh.:)

  2. Great pictures Jen, thanks for posting. Mine didn’t turn out so well so I am enjoying yours and Sarah’s. It was a fun day, we’ll have to go again sometime. Maybe Ethan will decide the water area isn’t so bad afterall.(:

  3. Can we go there his summer? It looks like so much fun. BTW “The Stick” is Tanner’s new favorite toy. He never knew it was there before your trip. He just walks around holding it. It is so funny.

  4. If we went, I’m not sure who would love it more–me or my kids. I LOVE stuff like that. We have one here that’s right at the base of the Golden Gate bridge, and it’s awesome.

    Great pictures.

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