I’d like to make a dedication, vol. 4

So often since I’ve started blogging, I’ve had delusions of grandeur that I would make a birthday dedication post to all my friends and family who I know read this blog. I think I did it once, maybe, for my husband. Well, today makes twice! Today is my amazing sister-in-law’s birthday. Mike and Becky started dating (if you call it that when you are 15) right before I went to college, so even though I knew her and always liked her, we weren’t close.

Then we were both given the disguised gift of having to take adminstrative jobs at the church. For a year and a half, we sat about 3 feet apart and experienced that depth of friendship that happens when you have someone you really like within talking distance for 8 hours a day, months and months at a time. We talked about everything from our families to church politics to random and trivial things like TV shows and our bad hair days. I knew it was fun, but at the time I didn’t realize what a blessing it was that I was being given a foundation with my brother’s wife that was transforming us from friends to sisters.

Becky is an amazing singer, friend, wife, sister and mother. I love you, Becky, and hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!


  1. I like the second picture of you both… it’s sweet that you are so close that you dress the same. She always looks like a nice person in her pictures.

    BTW… my bday is April 29th. Oh yes, mark that one down cos I’ll be lookin… 😉

  2. Talk about a LOVE FEST!:) Sheesh, I remember when Mike and Becky were dating in highschool and they were nauseatingly adorable even back then!:) But I know Beck is more than just sweet…she’s not your one-dimensional gal…she never ceased to surprise and amaze me with her vast array of talents. And she’s got a great sense of humor too! Happy b-day Becky!

  3. Thanks for the sweet post Jen. After seeing how many “subscribers” you have to your blog- I feel honored to have my very own post. 🙂 I’m certainly blessed to have you for a sister and had so much fun seeing you and Carson today. A girl couldn’t ask for more- an incredible family, wonderful friends..yup it’s a good day.

  4. YEAH BECKY! Happy Bday!

    And Jen…are you 15 in that first picture???? you look so young!! Maybe that was taken after you were done skiing upside down??!!

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