Fess Up and Make Me Happy

I totally stole this jpg from Kristi’s blog because she and I have talked about this topic several times….the nature of blogs is that you hop around and look at your friends’ friends’ blogs, or your aquaintances’ blogs, but you don’t comment. So now is the time, people! Friends, family, strangers, long-lost lurkers, time to out yourself that you read my blog! I want to give props to those of you who HAVE become acknowledged brazenlilly blog readers–it makes my day! Maybe I’ll even fess up to a few blogs that I’ve been lurking….


  1. Jen,

    I know I’ve said it before, and even posted it on my own blog…I read your blog and just about all your links…I’ve left a comment on a few, but then I wasn’t sure if they would be weirded out. It all started when I thought Steph was Stephanie Ford…and then I thought I recognized Pam from school…and well it just went downhill from there.:) Then I didn’t know if YOU’D be weirded out reading one of your friends’ blogs and seeing a comment from woosterweester, so…I stopped. Commenting. Not reading.:) I could tell you what any of these people are up to on just about any given day…that sounds creepy, huh? But I’m not ashamed, just unsure of the protocol. Am I supposed to leave messages? I figure they probably know everything about me too.:)

  2. I look at your links too. But I’m sad to say that I don’t think any of your peeps are stalkers on my blog. I check in on you daily and look up little Jack quite often too. 😉

    i’m sure i’ll steel this from you sometime soon for my blog too.

  3. Okay, okay, so I was “one of those” for a long time…but I am better now. I might have spent an entire naptime catching up on months and months of Tompkin life last summer. I might have been a lurker for, oh, 6 months. I might have thought about leaving a comment once or twice, but skipped that step. But, I am also a blogger now, I appreciate the witty little comments that pop up here and there. So, I promise to leave my lurking days behind me!

  4. Amy, you are one that I was proud of! You fessed up a while ago, and now I linked you! Rory, you have every right to read and comment on my other friends/links’ blogs! That’s the nature of the beast. THERE IS NO SHAME, people! I’ve made friends this way! And Di, I’m just so proud of the blogger that I’ve hatched in you! Besides, who can seriously stay away from my adorable nephew?!

  5. i just have to correct myself and say “steal” and not “steel”… I knew that might have bothered the English snob in you. 😉 Yes, YOU are the one that got me turned on to this whole blogging business!

  6. Jen, I love reading your blog and check it out M-F while I am taking a break from working. I look forward to new posts. Between you, DIE, and Kristy you all keep me motivated to keep writing new stuff on my blog.

  7. I guess you can call grandma JoJo and Bapaw Roy “lurkers.” We dont comment much, but we rarely skip more than any one day without seeing what delights you… and Mike… and Sarah… and Stephanie..and Eric … and Jim and Pjaks have for us on your blogs.

  8. Whew! I just officially left comments on your friend’s blog links that I visit…Lord help us. I’m exhausted! You simply CAN’T link anyone else. Ever. ‘Cause if you do, then eventually there will be too many for me to read and boy will that be a sad day. And I’d also like to give a shout out to: Aj, Amy G., Anti-B, Chad, Greers, Jenna, JJ, Kristen B., Wooldridges…I’m not a regular but I’ve visited. Okay. Now I can sleep at night.

  9. Jen-
    I must admit that I read your blog quite frequently (at least once a week) and thoroughly enjoy every entry. It started when we lived in Ohio and I missed everything home. Now, I find myself personally interested in your fabulous family… and friends.

    I pretty much look like a stalker now.

    I promise, I’m not a stalker.


  10. Jen,

    I thank you for blogging. I love catching up on your world–and now the worlds of a few of your friends and family.

    And I have to say that you and Diane are the reason I started my blog. So thanks for that!

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