I interupt these happy vacation posts to share with the world my enormous frustration and disappointment, primarily with myself. Somehow I misunderstood all the legal jargon when reading through the requirements for renewing my teaching license. Today I got my renewal form and poured over it carefully and realized I need SIX graduate level semester credits, NOT three, which is what I have just completed. GRRRR! That means I have to fork out several hundred more $$$ AND spend another grueling three weeks writing papers, reading text books and doing online posts. I’m so bummed. This is not how I planned to spend my last months of pregnancy. OK, pity party temporarily suspended for now.


  1. Oh Jen- that stinks! Don’t feel too bad about reading it wrong- I was off by 5 credits in my program. Never fun to find out you have more work to do and more money to spend. Sorry, but I know you’ll get through it quickly and soon this will all be behind you- plus you’ll have an adorable baby girl to hold!

  2. Aw, big fat boo! Don’t they know you have a blogging audience you’re responsible for? That’s gotta be worth a couple of papers. 🙂

    I’m glad you got to take a vaca when you did without thinking you had school work looming over your head.

    And, if osmosis does its thing, you’re gonna have one smart cookie of a little lady with all that studying you’re doing! I was working in Admissions before I had Judah, and he’s totally a people-person. With Abel, I was teaching Bible Study, and he *loves* being with all the ladies on Thursday morning. I think it seeps in.

  3. Sad day. I am so sorry. A similar thing happened to me and I took an online computer class through USD, Univ of San Diego. It is always fun to drop a few hundred dollars! Good Luck!

  4. Double grrr. I hate when stuff like that happens…perhaps you can share a pity-party-blizzard with Trent. I know I would need one! We’ll be praying for you the next 3 weeks!!!!

  5. Oh what a bummer. On the bright side, I’m glad you figured it out before the baby was born…imagine how hard it would be then to take a class and write all of those papers!

  6. So Sad! I’ve been looking into getting my teaching license in Oregon after I graduate in next May. They told me that I have to take six additional courses up there. I feel your pain, only I’m not pregnant. Best of luck!

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