Yes, I’m actually asking for your opinion.

**Post-edit** Thank you all for your good suggestions and kind offers in the comments! I do want to clarify, in case our aquaintances ever stumble onto the blog, that they did attempt to return it. The miscommunication was that they left it at the church and we didn’t know that. Then the church didn’t knowContinue reading “Yes, I’m actually asking for your opinion.”

Oooo! Good one! (Strong opinions to follow.)

I haven’t posted about American Idol yet, even though we watch it and probably many of you do too. But last night’s episode was so chat-worthy, I can’t help myself! First, I thought Sayesha did a really great job. I really like her voice and the Broadway thing was good to her. I did NOTContinue reading “Oooo! Good one! (Strong opinions to follow.)”

And just like that, the dream is over.

I’ve complained (sometimes at length) about my son’s sleeping (or lack-thereof) habits, so it is not news to most of you. I think you’ll recall the recent vacation of 9 straight days of 6:15 ams. Well, after we got back, it was like Carson was so happy to be back in his room and hisContinue reading “And just like that, the dream is over.”

I’d like to make a dedication, vol. 4

So often since I’ve started blogging, I’ve had delusions of grandeur that I would make a birthday dedication post to all my friends and family who I know read this blog. I think I did it once, maybe, for my husband. Well, today makes twice! Today is my amazing sister-in-law’s birthday. Mike and Becky startedContinue reading “I’d like to make a dedication, vol. 4”