My Favorites Vol. 3

Plain old sugar cookies. Betty Crocker recipe. Powdered sugar frosting. Cooked just right…not at all brown or crispy. Sprinkles optional.
Oh. My. Gosh. I love them.
Even when I made them at 10:30 at night because I forgot I signed up to bring cookies to Bible study the next morning. Heck yeah, there is one missing! And people? It melted in my mouth. YUM!
Also, FYI, powdered sugar frosting accepts red food coloring way better than buttercream frosting, especially when made in bulk to create 25 mini-Elmos.


  1. Those look like they are a deeelight! I too am signed up to make goodies for Bible Study tomorrow: chocolate cranberry chocolate chip scones (cut out in the shape of hearts, of course) with jam and whipped cream. Not that I will eat them, but still: yum.

  2. oooh. i would have rather had one of those than the half of bag of cheetos i just ate ( i think i got depressed watching all of the skinny models on project runway.)

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