Make yourself at home.

This is one of Carson’s favorite places to sit/rest/read/watch TV. It fits him pretty well! He’s found himself there a bit more this weekend, as I’ve been sick. “Sick” is used loosely, as our dear friends in California have been dealing with a sickness that really puts my miseries into perspective. If you can’t tell by Carson’s beautiful attire, my energy levels and motivation have been a bit low, and my patience seems even lower. I’m missing my Dayquil, but alas, it’s another pregnancy no-no. Today we have something to look forward to, as Carson’s buddy Ethan is getting a little sister today! (Scheduled C-sections are so convenient for everyone else!) Surely more picture will be posted, although I’m not sure if I should hold this little babe, whom I have affectionately named “Audry” after the Pottery Barn bedding they chose for her room. Can’t wait to meet her!


  1. so cute…i wish i was there to snuggle with him. And thank you for the shot out of being your “dear friends.” Hang in there without the dayquil….that is no fun. You can take something though….i remember taking something when it became unbearable…ask your ob.

    And thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers, and sweet wishes. It’s my turn to pray for you now!

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